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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2019Abstract interpretation of distributed network control planesBeckett, Ryan; Gupta, Aarti; Mahajan, Ratul; Walker, David
2016Compiling Path QueriesNarayana, Srinivas; Arashloo, Mina T; Rexford, Jennifer; Walker, David
2013Composing Software Defined NetworksMonsanto, Christopher; Reich, Joshua; Foster, Nate; Rexford, Jennifer; Walker, David
Aug-2014Concurrent NetCore: from policies to pipelinesSchlesinger, Cole; Greenberg, Michael; Walker, David
Jan-2016Confluences in programming languages research (keynote)Walker, David
2020Contra: A Programmable System for Performance-aware RoutingHsu, Kuo-Feng; Beckett, Ryan; Chen, Ang; Rexford, Jennifer; Tammana, Praveen; et al
Aug-2018Control plane compressionBeckett, Ryan; Gupta, Aarti; Mahajan, Ratul; Walker, David
2015CoVisor: A Compositional Hypervisor for Software-Defined NetworksJin, Xin; Gossels, Jennifer; Rexford, Jennifer; Walker, David
Jun-2020Data-driven inference of representation invariantsMiltner, Anders; Padhi, Saswat; Millstein, Todd; Walker, David
Nov-2019Don't mind the gap: Bridging network-wide objectives and device-level configurations: brief reflections on abstractions for network programmingBeckett, Ryan; Mahajan, Ratul; Millstein, Todd; Padhye, Jitendra; Walker, David
2019Efficient Verification of Network Fault Tolerance via Counterexample-Guided RefinementGiannarakis, Nick; Beckett, Ryan; Mahajan, Ratul; Walker, David
2020Enabling Programmable Transport Protocols in High-Speed NICsArashloo, Mina T; Lavrov, Alexey; Ghobadi, Manya; Rexford, Jennifer; Walker, David; et al
Jan-2016Example-directed synthesis: a type-theoretic interpretationFrankle, Jonathan; Osera, Peter-Michael; Walker, David; Zdancewic, Steve
Sep-2011Forest: a language and toolkit for programming with filestoresFisher, Kathleen; Foster, Nate; Walker, David; Zhu, Kenny Q
Sep-2011Frenetic: a network programming languageFoster, Nate; Harrison, Rob; Freedman, Michael J; Monsanto, Christopher; Rexford, Jennifer; et al
Aug-2017A general approach to network configuration verificationBeckett, Ryan; Gupta, Aarti; Mahajan, Ratul; Walker, David
2015HONE: Joint Host-Network Traffic Management in Software-Defined NetworksSun, Peng; Yu, Minlan; Freedman, Michael J; Rexford, Jennifer; Walker, David
Aug-2014Infinite CacheFlow in software-defined networksKatta, Naga; Alipourfard, Omid; Rexford, Jennifer; Walker, David
14-Feb-2013Languages for software-defined networksFoster, N; Guha, A; Reitblatt, M; Story, A; Freedman, Michael J.; et al
2012LearnPADS + + : Incremental Inference of Ad Hoc Data FormatsZhu, Kenny Q; Fisher, Kathleen; Walker, David