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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2015Achieving cost-neutrality with long-acting reversible contraceptive methodsTrussell, James; Hassan, F.; Lowin, J.; Law, A.; Filonenko, A.
2017Anticipated Emotions About Unintended Pregnancy in Relationship Context: Are Latinas Really Happier?Aiken, Abigail; Trussell, James
Feb-2018Barriers to accessing abortion services and perspectives on using mifepristone and misoprostol at home in Great Britain.Aiken, Abigail RA; Guthrie, Katherine A; Schellekens, Marlies; Trussell, James; Gomperts, Rebecca
2013Burden of unintended pregnancy in the United States: potential savings with increased use of long-acting reversible contraceptionTrussell, James; Henry, N.; Hassan, F.; Prezioso, A.; Law, A.; et al
2016Comparison of a Timing-Based Measure of Unintended Pregnancy and the London Measure of Unplanned PregnancyAiken, Abigail; Westhoff, CL; Trussell, James; Castano, PM
2014Comparison of rates of and charges from pregnancy complications in users of extended and cyclic combined oral contraceptive (COC) regimens: a brief reportHoward, B.; Trussell, James; Grubb, E.; Lage, M.J.
2012Continuing social disparities despite upward trends in sexual and reproductive health service use among young women in the United StatesHall, Kelli Stidham; Moreau, Caroline; Trussell, James
2017Contraceptive Failure in the United States: Estimates from the 2006-2010 National Survey of Family GrowthSundaram, A.; Vaughan, B.; Kost, K.; Bankole, A.; Finer, L.; et al
2017Contraceptive Failure in the United States: Estimates from the 2006–2010 National Survey of Family GrowthSundaram, A.; Vaughan, B.; Kost, K.; Bankole, A.; Finer, L.; et al
2017Contraceptive method preferences and provision after termination of pregnancy: a population-based analysis of women obtaining care with the British Pregnancy Advisory ServiceAiken, Abigail; Lohr, P.A.; Aiken, C.E.; Forsyth, T.; Trussell, James
2010Contraceptive needs of women seeking care from a publicly funded sexually transmitted infection clinicGodfrey, E.M.; Wheat, S.G.; Cyrier, R.; Wong, W.; Trussell, James; et al
2012Contraceptive Paths of Adolescent Women Undergoing an Abortion in FranceMoreau, Caroline; Trussell, James; Bajos, N
2012Copper Intrauterine Device for Emergency Contraception: Clinical Practice Among Contraceptive ProvidersHarper, C.C.; Speidel, J.J.; Drey, E.A.; Trussell, James; Blum, M.; et al
2015The Cost of Unintended Pregnancies (CoUP) in Canada: Estimating Direct Cost, Role of Imperfect Adherence, and the Potential Impact of Increased Use of Long-Acting Reversible ContraceptivesBlack, AY; Guilbert, E; Hassan, F; Chatziheofilou, I; Lowin, J; et al
2015Cost of unintended pregnancy in Norway: a role for long-acting reversible contraceptionHenry, N.; Schlueter, M.; Lowin, J.; Lekander, I.; Filonenko, A.; et al
2014Cost-effectiveness analysis of levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) 13.5 mg in contraceptionTrussell, James; Hassan, F.; Henry, N.; Pocoski, J.; Law, A.; et al
2013The Creeping Pearl: Why Has the Rate of Contraceptive Failure Increased in Clinical Trials of Combined Hormonal Contraceptive Pills?Trussell, James; Portman, D
26-Jun-2016Differences in reporting Pearl Indices in the United States and Europe: Focus on a 91-day extended-regimen combined oral contraceptive with low-dose ethinyl estradiol supplementation.Lobo Abascal, Paloma; Luzar-Stiffler, Vesna; Giljanovic, Silvana; Howard, Brandon; Weiss, Herman; et al
2014Different Pearl Indices in studies of hormonal contraceptives in the United States: Impact of study populationGerlinger, C; Trussell, James; Mellinger, U.; Merz, M.; Marr, J.; et al
2016Discontinuation rates and acceptability during 1 year of using the intrauterine ball (the SCu380A)Wiebe, E.; Trussell, James