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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2012Age at Immigration and the Adult Attainments of Child Migrants to the United StatesBeck, Audrey; Corak, Miles; Tienda, Marta
Mar-2017Age at Migration, Family Instability, and Timing of Sexual OnsetGoldberg, Rachel E.; Tienda, Marta; Adserà, Alícia
Sep-2016Birthing, Nativity, and Maternal Depression: Australia and the United StatesMartinson, Melissa L.; Tienda, Marta
Feb-2017Boundary crossing in first marriage and remarriageChoi, Kate H.; Tienda, Marta
Jan-2010Changes in Texas Universities’ Applicant Pools after the Hopwood DecisionLong, Mark C.; Tienda, Marta
13-Jan-2013Delayed Enrollment and College Plans: Is There a Postponement Penalty?Niu, Sunny; Tienda, Marta
Dec-2013Diversity ≠ Inclusion: Promoting Integration in Higher EducationTienda, Marta
Dec-2013Family Sponsorship and Late-Age Immigration in Aging America: Revised and Expanded Estimates of Chained MigrationCarr, Stacie; Tienda, Marta
1-Oct-2009High School Classmates and College SuccessFletcher, Jason M.; Tienda, Marta
Feb-2013High School Economic Composition and College PersistenceNiu, Sunny X.; Tienda, Marta
Apr-2012Hispanics in Higher Education and the Texas Top 10% LawHarris, Angel L.; Tienda, Marta
Mar-2012Immigration and Status Exchange in Australia and the United StatesChoi, Kate H.; Tienda, Marta; Cobb-Clark, Deborah; Sinning, Mathias
Sep-2010The Impact of the Texas Top 10 Percent Law on College Enrollment: A Regression Discontinuity ApproachNiu, Sunny Xinchun; Tienda, Marta
4-Jul-2017Institutional and Ethnic Variations in Postgraduate Enrollment and CompletionTienda, Marta; Zhao, Linda
1-Sep-2018Intermarriage and the Lifecycle Timing of MigrationChoi, Kate H.; Tienda, Marta
Jul-2013Latin American Immigration to the United StatesTienda, Marta; Sánchez, Susana M.
Apr-2017Marriage-Market Constraints and Mate-Selection Behavior: Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Differences in IntermarriageChoi, Kate H.; Tienda, Marta
Jan-2010Minority Higher Education Pipeline: Consequences of Changes in College Admissions Policy in TexasHarris, Angel L.; Tienda, Marta
Mar-2010Minority Student Academic Performance Under the Uniform Admission Law: Evidence From The University of Texas at AustinNiu, Sunny X.; Tienda, Marta
Dec-2008Minority Talent Loss and the Texas Top 10 Percent LawNiu, Sunny Xinchun; Sullivan, Teresa; Tienda, Marta