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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
9-Apr-2018Combination of inclusive and differential t¯t charge asymmetry measurements using ATLAS and CMS data at √s = 7 and 8 TeVAaboud, MY; Aad, G; Abbott, B; Abdinov, O; Abeloos, B; et al
22-Feb-2013Demonstration of digital phase-sensitive boosting to extend signal reach for long-haul WDM systems using optical phase-conjugated copyTian, Y; Huang, Y-K; Zhang, S; Prucnal, Paul R; Wang, T
18-Jan-2013Optical steganography based on amplified spontaneous emission noiseWu, B; Wang, Z; Tian, Y; Fok, MP; Shastri, BJ; et al
3-Apr-2012Power transfer function tailoring in a highly Ge-doped nonlinear interferometer-based all-optical thresholder using offset-spectral filteringRafidi, NS; Kravtsov, KS; Tian, Y; Fok, MP; Nahmias, MA; et al
27-Apr-2016Sn-doped Bi1.1Sb0.9Te2S bulk crystal topological insulator with excellent propertiesKushwaha, SK; Pletikosic, I; Liang, T; Gyenis, A; Lapidus, SH; et al