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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
25-Jun-2013Inflationary paradigm in trouble after Planck2013Ijjas, Anna; Steinhardt, Paul J; Loeb, Abraham
1-Oct-2013Isotropic band gaps and freeform waveguides observed in hyperuniform disordered photonic solidsMan, Weining; Florescu, Marian; Williamson, Eric Paul; He, Yingquan; Hashemizad, Seyed Reza; et al
Aug-2013Khatyrka, a new CV3 find from the Koryak Mountains, Eastern RussiaMacPherson, Glenn J; Andronicos, Christopher L; Bindi, Luca; Distler, Vadim V; Eddy, Michael P; et al
15-Oct-2013Nonperturbative analysis of the evolution of cosmological perturbations through a nonsingular bounceXue, BingKan; Garfinkle, David; Pretorius, Frans; Steinhardt, Paul J