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15-Dec-2014Derivation of ligands for the complement C3a receptor from the C-terminus of C5aHalai, Reena; Bellows-Peterson, Meghan L; Branchett, Will; Smadbeck, James; Kieslich, Chris A; et al
6-Jan-2014Forcefield_NCAA: Ab Initio Charge Parameters to Aid in the Discovery and Design of Therapeutic Proteins and Peptides with Unnatural Amino Acids and Their Application to Complement Inhibitors of the Compstatin FamilyKhoury, George A; Smadbeck, James; Tamamis, Phanourios; Vandris, Andrew C; Kieslich, Chris A; et al
22-Nov-2013Forcefield_PTM: Ab Initio Charge and AMBER Forcefield Parameters for Frequently Occurring Post-Translational ModificationsKhoury, George A; Thompson, Jeff P; Smadbeck, James; Kieslich, Chris A; Floudas, Christodoulos A
2015New Compstatin Peptides Containing N-Terminal Extensions and Non-Natural Amino Acids Exhibit Potent Complement Inhibition and Improved Solubility CharacteristicsGorham, Ronald D; Forest, David L; Khoury, George A; Smadbeck, James; Beecher, Consuelo N; et al
2014De Novo Design and Experimental Characterization of Ultrashort Self-Associating PeptidesSmadbeck, James; Chan, Kiat Hwa; Khoury, George A; Xue, Bo; Robinson, Robert C; et al
28-Feb-2014De Novo Peptide Design and Experimental Validation of Histone Methyltransferase InhibitorsSmadbeck, James; Peterson, Meghan B; Zee, Barry M; Garapaty, Shivani; Mago, Aashna; et al
Feb-2014Protein folding and de novo protein design for biotechnological applicationsKhoury, George A; Smadbeck, James; Kieslich, Chris A; Floudas, Christodoulos A
25-Jul-2013Protein WISDOM: A Workbench for In silico De novo Design of BioMoleculesSmadbeck, James; Peterson, Meghan B; Khoury, George A; Taylor, Martin S; Floudas, Christodoulos A
2014WeFold: A coopetition for protein structure predictionKhoury, George A; Liwo, Adam; Khatib, Firas; Zhou, Hongyi; Chopra, Gaurav; et al