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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
4-Dec-2012Decoherence mechanisms of 209Bi donor electron spins in isotopically pure 28SiWolfowicz, G; Simmons, S; Tyryshkin, AM; George, RE; Riemann, H; et al
7-Oct-2015Spin relaxation and donor-acceptor recombination of Se+ in 28-siliconLo Nardo, R; Wolfowicz, G; Simmons, S; Tyryshkin, AM; Riemann, H; et al
12-May-2014Stark shift and field ionization of arsenic donors in 28Si- silicon-on-insulator structuresLo, CC; Simmons, S; Lo Nardo, R; Weis, CD; Tyryshkin, AM; et al