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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2014Changing water availability during the African maize-growing season, 1979–2010Estes, Lyndon D; Chaney, Nathaniel W; Herrera-Estrada, Julio; Sheffield, Justin; Caylor, Kelly K; et al
Aug-2014Development of a High-Resolution Gridded Daily Meteorological Dataset over Sub-Saharan Africa: Spatial Analysis of Trends in Climate ExtremesChaney, Nathaniel W; Sheffield, Justin; Villarini, Gabriele; Wood, Eric F
1-Mar-2014Did a skillful prediction of sea surface temperatures help or hinder forecasting of the 2012 Midwestern US drought?Kam, Jonghun; Sheffield, Justin; Yuan, Xing; Wood, Eric F
Jun-2014A Drought Monitoring and Forecasting System for Sub-Sahara African Water Resources and Food SecuritySheffield, Justin; Wood, Eric F; Chaney, Nathaniel; Guan, Kaiyu; Sadri, Sara; et al
May-2011Hyperresolution global land surface modeling: Meeting a grand challenge for monitoring Earth's terrestrial waterWood, Eric F; Roundy, Joshua K; Troy, Tara J; van Beek, LPH; Bierkens, Marc FP; et al
May-2013The Influence of Atlantic Tropical Cyclones on Drought over the Eastern United States (1980–2007)Kam, Jonghun; Sheffield, Justin; Yuan, Xing; Wood, Eric F
Feb-2012Multimodel Analysis of Energy and Water Fluxes: Intercomparisons between Operational Analyses, a Land Surface Model, and Remote SensingVinukollu, Raghuveer K; Sheffield, Justin; Wood, Eric F; Bosilovich, Michael G; Mocko, David
May-2012Multisource Estimation of Long-Term Terrestrial Water Budget for Major Global River BasinsPan, Ming; Sahoo, Alok K; Troy, Tara J; Vinukollu, Raghuveer K; Sheffield, Justin; et al
Dec-2013Probabilistic Seasonal Forecasting of African Drought by Dynamical ModelsYuan, Xing; Wood, Eric F; Chaney, Nathaniel W; Sheffield, Justin; Kam, Jonghun; et al
Aug-2014A Prototype Global Drought Information System Based on Multiple Land Surface ModelsNijssen, Bart; Shukla, Shraddhanand; Lin, Chiyu; Gao, Huilin; Zhou, Tian; et al
Jun-2012Representation of Terrestrial Hydrology and Large-Scale Drought of the Continental United States from the North American Regional ReanalysisSheffield, Justin; Livneh, Ben; Wood, Eric F
Nov-2015Seasonal Forecasting of Global Hydrologic Extremes: System Development and Evaluation over GEWEX BasinsYuan, Xing; Roundy, Joshua K; Wood, Eric F; Sheffield, Justin
Aug-2014Terrestrial hydrological controls on land surface phenology of African savannas and woodlandsGuan, Kaiyu; Wood, Eric F; Medvigy, David; Kimball, John; Pan, Ming; et al
Aug-2014Uncertainties, Correlations, and Optimal Blends of Drought Indices from the NLDAS Multiple Land Surface Model EnsembleXia, Youlong; Ek, Michael B; Mocko, David; Peters-Lidard, Christa D; Sheffield, Justin; et al