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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
25-Nov-2014Automated computation of arbor densities: a step toward identifying neuronal cell typesSümbül, Uygar; Zlateski, Aleksandar; Vishwanathan, Ashwin; Masland, Richard H; Seung, H Sebastian
2021Chunkflow: hybrid cloud processing of large 3D images by convolutional netsWu, Jingpeng; Silversmith, William M; Lee, Kisuk; Seung, H Sebastian
Apr-2019Convolutional nets for reconstructing neural circuits from brain images acquired by serial section electron microscopyLee, Kisuk; Turner, Nicholas; Macrina, Thomas; Wu, Jingpeng; Lu, Ran; et al
2015Crowdsourcing the creation of image segmentation algorithms for connectomicsArganda-Carreras, Ignacio; Turaga, Srinivas C; Berger, Daniel R; Cireşan, Dan; Giusti, Alessandro; et al
2018Digital Museum of Retinal Ganglion Cells with Dense Anatomy and PhysiologyBae, J Alexander; Mu, Shang; Kim, Jinseop S; Turner, Nicholas L; Tartavull, Ignacio; et al
2017Electron Microscopic Reconstruction of Functionally Identified Cells in a Neural IntegratorVishwanathan, Ashwin; Daie, Kayvon; Ramirez, Alexandro D; Lichtman, Jeff W; Aksay, Emre RF; et al
2017An Error Detection and Correction Framework for ConnectomicsZung, Jonathan; Tartavull, Ignacio; Lee, Kisuk; Seung, H Sebastian
2019Learning Metric Graphs for Neuron Segmentation in Electron Microscopy ImagesLuther, Kyle; Seung, H Sebastian
2020PZnet: Efficient 3D ConvNet Inference on Manycore CPUsPopovych, Sergiy; Buniatyan, Davit; Zlateski, Aleksandar; Li, Kai; Seung, H Sebastian
2019Reconstructing Neuronal Anatomy from Whole-Brain ImagesGornet, James; Venkataraju, Kannan U; Narasimhan, Arun; Turner, Nicholas; Lee, Kisuk; et al
2020Synaptic Partner Assignment Using Attentional Voxel Association NetworksTurner, Nicholas L; Lee, Kisuk; Lu, Ran; Wu, Jingpeng; Ih, Dodam; et al
1-Aug-2017Trainable Weka Segmentation: a machine learning tool for microscopy pixel classificationArganda-Carreras, Ignacio; Kaynig, Verena; Rueden, Curtis; Eliceiri, Kevin W; Schindelin, Johannes; et al
2019Unsupervised learning by a "softened" correlation game: duality and convergenceLuther, Kyle L; Yang, Runzhe; Seung, H Sebastian
16-Oct-2018VAST (Volume Annotation and Segmentation Tool): Efficient Manual and Semi-Automatic Labeling of Large 3D Image StacksBerger, Daniel R; Seung, H Sebastian; Lichtman, Jeff W