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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
21-Mar-2014A cell-assembled, spatially aligned extracellular matrix to promote directed tissue developmentSingh, Shivani; Bandini, Stephen B; Donnelly, Patrick E; Schwartz, Jeffrey; Schwarzbauer, Jean E
Oct-2016Collaboration of fibronectin matrix with other extracellular signals in morphogenesis and differentiationVega, Maria E; Schwarzbauer, Jean E
Oct-2013Defined extracellular matrix components are necessary for definitive endoderm inductionTaylor-Weiner, Hermes; Schwarzbauer, Jean E; Engler, Adam J
Aug-2017Development of hybrid scaffolds with natural extracellular matrix deposited within synthetic polymeric fibersGoyal, Ritu; Vega, Maria E; Pastino, Alexandra K; Singh, Shivani; Guvendiren, Murat; et al
30-Nov-2021Differential Regulation of Neurite Outgrowth and Growth Cone Morphology by 3D Fibronectin and Fibronectin-Collagen Extracellular MatricesSharma, Archana; Schwarzbauer, Jean E
15-Aug-2014Effects of high glucose on integrin activity and fibronectin matrix assembly by mesangial cellsMiller, Charles G; Pozzi, Ambra; Zent, Roy; Schwarzbauer, Jean E
Nov-2020Elevated glucose alters global gene expression and tenascin-C alternative splicing in mesangial cellsVega, Maria E; Finlay, John B; Vasishtha, Mansi; Schwarzbauer, Jean E
10-Sep-2012Endogenous production of fibronectin is required for self-renewal of cultured mouse embryonic stem cellsHunt, Geoffrey C; Singh, Purva; Schwarzbauer, Jean E
15-Aug-2012Fibronectin and stem cell differentiation - lessons from chondrogenesisSingh, P; Schwarzbauer, Jean E
Aug-2019Fibronectin matrix as a scaffold for procollagen proteinase binding and collagen processingSaunders, Jared T; Schwarzbauer, Jean E
15-Oct-2014Fibronectin matrix assembly is essential for cell condensation during chondrogenesisSingh, Purva; Schwarzbauer, Jean E
Jul-2012Gonad morphogenesis and distal tip cell migration in the Caenorhabditis elegans hermaphroditeWong, Ming-Ching; Schwarzbauer, Jean E
Jan-2022Heparan sulfate is necessary for the early formation of nascent fibronectin and collagen I fibrils at matrix assembly sitesHill, Katherine E; Lovett, Benjamin M; Schwarzbauer, Jean E
Apr-2018Heparin-fibronectin interactions in the development of extracellular matrix insolubilityRaitman, Irene; Huang, Mia L; Williams, Selwyn A; Friedman, Benjamin; Godula, Kamil; et al
Nov-2018Mechanistic insights into the cellular effects of a novel FN1 variant associated with a spondylometaphyseal dysplasiaCadoff, EB; Sheffer, R; Wientroub, S; Ovadia, D; Meiner, V; et al
15-Aug-2012mig-38, a novel gene that regulates distal tip cell turning during gonadogenesis in C. elegans hermaphroditesMartynovsky, Maria; Wong, Ming-Ching; Byrd, Dana T; Kimble, Judith; Schwarzbauer, Jean E
17-May-2017Nerve Guidance by a Decellularized Fibroblast Extracellular MatrixHarris, Greg M; Madigan, Nicolas N; Lancaster, Karen Z; Enquist, Lynn W; Windebank, Anthony J; et al
25-Aug-2022A new mechanism of fibronectin fibril assembly revealed by live imaging and super-resolution microscopyTomer, Darshika; Arriagada, Cecilia; Munshi, Sudipto; Alexander, Brianna E; French, Brenda; et al
27-Apr-2021Promoting Neuronal Outgrowth Using Ridged Scaffolds Coated with Extracellular Matrix ProteinsSiddiqui, Ahad M; Brunner, Rosa; Harris, Gregory M; Miller, Alan Lee; Waletzki, Brian E; et al
24-May-2013Regulation of Matrix Assembly through Rigidity-dependent Fibronectin Conformational ChangesCarraher, Cara L; Schwarzbauer, Jean E