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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
15-Feb-2016Chemostratigraphic and U-Pb geochronologic constraints on carbon cycling across the Silurian-Devonian boundaryHusson, Jon M; Schoene, Blair; Bluher, Sarah; Maloof, Adam C
1-Feb-2016Community-Derived Standards for LA-ICP-MS U-(Th-)Pb Geochronology – Uncertainty Propagation, Age Interpretation and Data ReportingHorstwood, Matthew SA; Košler, Jan; Gehrels, George; Jackson, Simon E; McLean, Noah M; et al
18-Aug-2018Constraining the Timing and Amplitude of Early Serpukhovian Glacioeustasy With a Continuous Carbonate Record in Northern SpainCampion, Alison M; Maloof, Adam C; Schoene, Blair; Oleynik, Sergey; Sanz-López, Javier; et al
11-Jan-2017Early formation of the Moon 4.51 billion years agoBarboni, Melanie; Boehnke, Patrick; Keller, Brenhin; Kohl, Issaku E; Schoene, Blair; et al
23-Dec-2013The End-Cryogenian Glaciation of South AustraliaRose, Catherine V; Maloof, Adam C; Schoene, Blair; Ewing, Ryan C; Linnemann, Ulf; et al
15-Dec-2015Evaluating the construction and evolution of upper crustal magma reservoirs with coupled U/Pb zircon geochronology and thermal modeling: A case study from the Mt. Capanne pluton (Elba, Italy)Barboni, Mélanie; Annen, Catherine; Schoene, Blair
1-Jan-2015Evaluating Uncertainties in the Calibration of Isotopic Reference Materials and Multi-Element Isotopic Tracers (EARTHTIME Tracer Calibration Part II)McLean, Noah M; Condon, Daniel J; Schoene, Blair; Bowring, Samuel A
10-Jun-2020Geologic evidence for an icehouse Earth before the Sturtian global glaciationMacLennan, Scott A; Eddy, Michael P; Merschat, Arthur J; Mehra, Akshay K; Crockford, Peter W; et al
2-Nov-2018GHR1 Zircon – A New Eocene Natural Reference Material for Microbeam U-Pb Geochronology and Hf Isotopic Analysis of ZirconEddy, Michael P; Ibañez-Mejia, Mauricio; Burgess, Seth D; Coble, Matthew A; Cordani, Umberto G; et al
30-Aug-2018GZ7 and GZ8 – Two Zircon Reference Materials for SIMS U-Pb GeochronologyNasdala, Lutz; Corfu, Fernando; Schoene, Blair; Tapster, Simon R; Wall, Corey J; et al
14-Feb-2020Half a million years of magmatic history recorded in a K-feldspar megacryst of the Tuolumne Intrusive Complex, California, USAChambers, Melissa; Memeti, Valbone; Eddy, Michael P; Schoene, Blair
30-Oct-2015Insights into (U)HP metamorphism of the Western Gneiss Region, Norway: A high-spatial resolution and high-precision zircon studyDesOrmeau, Joel W; Gordon, Stacia M; Kylander-Clark, Andrew RC; Hacker, Bradley R; Bowring, Samuel A; et al
1-Sep-2015Metrology and traceability of U–Pb isotope dilution geochronology (EARTHTIME Tracer Calibration Part I)Condon, Daniel J; Schoene, Blair; McLean, Noah M; Bowring, Samuel A; Parrish, Randall R
May-2018Paleoarchean bedrock lithologies across the Makhonjwa Mountains of South Africa and Swaziland linked to geochemical, magnetic and tectonic data reveal early plate tectonic genes flanking subduction marginsde Wit, Maarten; Furnes, Harald; MacLennan, Scott; Doucouré, Moctar; Schoene, Blair; et al
1-Jan-2018Plate tectonics and continental basaltic geochemistry throughout Earth historyKeller, CB; Schoene, Blair
1-Feb-2013Precision and Accuracy in GeochronologySchoene, Blair; Condon, Daniel J; Morgan, Leah; McLean, Noah
19-Sep-2018Rapid eruption of the Columbia River flood basalt and correlation with the mid-Miocene climate optimumKasbohm, Jennifer; Schoene, Blair
1-Jan-2018A stochastic sampling approach to zircon eruption age interpretationKeller, CB; Schoene, Blair; Samperton, Kyle M
2017Temporal variation in relative zircon abundance throughout Earth historyKeller, CB; Boehnke, Patrick; Schoene, Blair
24-Mar-2016Thermal erosion of cratonic lithosphere as a potential trigger for mass-extinctionGuex, Jean; Pilet, Sebastien; Müntener, Othmar; Bartolini, Annachiara; Spangenberg, Jorge; et al