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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2-Jun-2021Boundaries potentiate polycomb response element-mediated silencingErokhin, Maksim; Gorbenko, Fedor; Lomaev, Dmitry; Mazina, Marina Yu; Mikhailova, Anna; et al
1-May-2022GAGA factor: a multifunctional pioneering chromatin proteinChetverina, Darya; Erokhin, Maksim; Schedl, Paul D
18-Feb-2021Mapping of functional elements of the Fab-6 boundary involved in the regulation of the Abd-B hox gene in Drosophila melanogasterPostika, Nikolay; Schedl, Paul D; Georgiev, Pavel; Kyrchanova, Olga
8-Feb-2021Mapping parameter spaces of biological switchesDiegmiller, Rocky; Zhang, Lun; Gameiro, Marcio; Barr, Justinn; Imran Alsous, Jasmin; et al
31-Mar-2021The role of CPEB family proteins in the nervous system function in the norm and pathologyKozlov, Eugene; Shidlovskii, Yulii V; Gilmutdinov, Rudolf; Schedl, Paul D; Zhukova, Mariya