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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2014Fast Room-Temperature Phase Gate on a Single Nuclear Spin in DiamondSangtawesin, S; Brundage, TO; Petta, Jason R
11-Aug-2014Highly tunable formation of nitrogen-vacancy centers via ion implantationSangtawesin, S; Brundage, TO; Atkins, ZJ; Petta, Jason R
Aug-2016Hyperfine-enhanced gyromagnetic ratio of a nuclear spin in diamondSangtawesin, S; McLellan, CA; Myers, BA; Jayich, AC Bleszynski; Awschalom, DD; et al
26-Sep-2019Origins of Diamond Surface Noise Probed by Correlating Single-Spin Measurements with Surface SpectroscopySangtawesin, S; Dwyer, BL; Srinivasan, S; Allred, JJ; Rodgers, LVH; et al