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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2016Allowances for evolving coastal flood risk under uncertain local sea-level riseBuchanan, Maya K.; Kopp, Robert E.; Oppenheimer, Michael; Tebaldi, Claudia
7-Jun-2017Amplification of flood frequencies with local sea level rise and emerging flood regimesBuchanan, Maya K.; Oppenheimer, Michael; Kopp, Robert E.
Sep-2017Building blocks: a strategy for near-term action within the new global climate frameworkStewart, Richard B.; Oppenheimer, Michael; Rudyk, Bryce
Apr-2013Climate change impacts: accounting for the human responseOppenheimer, Michael
Mar-2017Climate variability and migration in the PhilippinesBohra-Mishra, Pratikshya; Oppenheimer, Michael; Cai, Ruohong; Feng, Shuaizhang; Licker, Rachel
1-May-2014The effectiveness of cool and green roofs as urban heat island mitigation strategiesLi, Dan; Bou-Zeid, Elie R.; Oppenheimer, Michael
31-May-2013Empirically calibrating damage functions and considering stochasticity when integrated assessment models are used as decision toolsKopp, Robert E.; Hsiang, Solomon M.; Oppenheimer, Michael
Oct-2011Evaluation, characterization, and communication of uncertainty by the intergovernmental panel on climate change—an introductory essayYohe, Gary; Oppenheimer, Michael
1-Dec-2017Evolving Understanding of Antarctic Ice-Sheet Physics and Ambiguity in Probabilistic Sea-Level ProjectionsKopp, Robert E.; DeConto, Robert M.; Bader, Daniel A.; Hay, Carling C.; Horton, Radley M.; et al
1-Mar-2018Extreme sea level implications of 1.5 °c, 2.0 °c, and 2.5 °c temperature stabilization targets in the 21st and 22nd centuriesRasmussen, DJ; Bittermann, K.; Buchanan, Maya K.; Kulp, S.; Strauss, B.H.; et al
1-Mar-2018Interactions between urban heat islands and heat wavesZhao, Lei; Oppenheimer, Michael; Zhu, Qing; Baldwin, Jane W.; Ebi, Kristie L.; et al
2014International migration desires related to subjective well-beingCai, Ruohong; Esipova, Neli; Oppenheimer, Michael; Feng, Shuaizhang
Jun-2012Investigation of land ice-ocean interaction with a fully coupled ice-ocean model: 1. Model description and behaviorGoldberg, D.N.; Little, C.M.; Sergienko, Olga V.; Gnanadesikan, A.; Hallberg, Robert W.; et al
Jun-2012Investigation of land ice-ocean interaction with a fully coupled ice-ocean model: 2. Sensitivity to external forcingsGoldberg, D.N.; Little, C.M.; Sergienko, Olga V.; Gnanadesikan, A.; Hallberg, Robert W.; et al
1-Sep-2017Leakage risks of geologic CO2 storage and the impacts on the global energy system and climate change mitigationDeng, Hang; Bielicki, Jeffrey M.; Oppenheimer, Michael; Fitts, Jeffrey P.; Peters, Catherine A.
2005Net radiative forcing due to changes in regional emissions of tropospheric ozone precursorsNaik, Vaishali; Mauzerall, Denise L.; Horowitz, Larry; Schwarzkopf, M. Daniel; Ramaswamy, V.; et al
May-2014On the Design of an International Governance Framework for GeoengineeringLloyd, Ian D.; Oppenheimer, Michael
2007On the sensitivity of radiative forcing from biomass burning aerosols and ozone to emission locationNaik, Vaishali; Mauzerall, Denise L.; Horowitz, Larry W.; Schwarzkopf, M. Daniel; Ramaswamy, V.; et al
8-Sep-2016Paris: Beyond the Climate Dead End through Pledge and Review?Keohane, Robert O.; Oppenheimer, Michael
2014Policy implications of Monetized Leakage Risk from Geologic CO2 Storage ReservoirsDeng, Hang; Bielicki, Jeffrey M; Oppenheimer, Michael; Fitts, Jeffrey P; Peters, Catherine A