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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2019Calibration, Entropy Rates, and Memory in Language ModelsBraverman, Mark; Chen, X; Kakade, SM; Narasimhan, Karthik; Zhang, C; et al
2020Calibration, Entropy Rates, and Memory in Language ModelsBraverman, Mark; Chen, Xinyi; Kakade, Sham; Narasimhan, Karthik; Zhang, Cyril; et al
Jul-2022Can Rationalization Improve Robustness?Chen, Howard; He, Jacqueline; Narasimhan, Karthik; Chen, Danqi
2020Evolving Graphical Planner: Contextual Global Planning for Vision-and-Language NavigationDeng, Zhiwei; Narasimhan, Karthik; Russakovsky, Olga
1-Aug-2019A Generalized Algorithm for Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning and Policy AdaptationYang, R; Sun, X; Narasimhan, Karthik
1-Dec-2018Grounding language for transfer in deep reinforcement learningNarasimhan, Karthik; Barzilay, R; Jaakkola, T
2020Multimodal Graph Networks for Compositional Generalization in Visual Question AnsweringSaqur, Raeid; Narasimhan, Karthik
20-Nov-2019A System-Wide Debugging Assistant Powered by Natural Language ProcessingDogga, P; Narasimhan, Karthik; Sivaraman, A; Netravali, R
1-Jun-2020Take the scenic route: Improving generalization in vision-and-language navigationYu, F; Deng, Z; Narasimhan, Karthik; Russakovsky, O
1-Jan-2019Task-agnostic dynamics priors for deep reinforcement learningDu, Y; Narasimhan, Karthik
2020Towards Unique and Informative Captioning of ImagesWang, Zeyu; Feng, Berthy; Narasimhan, Karthik; Russakovsky, Olga