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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
9-Sep-2019Atmosphere–ocean oxygen and productivity dynamics during early animal radiationsDahl, Tais W; Connelly, James N; Li, Da; Kouchinsky, Artem; Gill, Benjamin C; et al
15-Aug-2021The Ca and Mg isotope record of the Cryogenian Trezona carbon isotope excursionAhm, Anne-Sofie C; Bjerrum, Christian J; Hoffman, Paul F; Macdonald, Francis A; Maloof, Adam C; et al
18-Aug-2018Constraining the Timing and Amplitude of Early Serpukhovian Glacioeustasy With a Continuous Carbonate Record in Northern SpainCampion, Alison M; Maloof, Adam C; Schoene, Blair; Oleynik, Sergey; Sanz-López, Javier; et al
25-Jan-2020Deriving Tidal Structure FromSatellite Image Time SeriesGeyman, Emily C; Maloof, Adam C
3-Dec-2019A diurnal carbon engine explains 13C-enriched carbonates without increasing the global production of oxygenGeyman, Emily C; Maloof, Adam C
23-Dec-2013The End-Cryogenian Glaciation of South AustraliaRose, Catherine V; Maloof, Adam C; Schoene, Blair; Ewing, Ryan C; Linnemann, Ulf; et al
10-Jun-2020Geologic evidence for an icehouse Earth before the Sturtian global glaciationMacLennan, Scott A; Eddy, Michael P; Merschat, Arthur J; Mehra, Akshay K; Crockford, Peter W; et al
Oct-2015Glacioeustasy, meteoric diagenesis, and the carbon cycle during the Middle CarboniferousDyer, Blake; Maloof, Adam C; Higgins, John A
13-Mar-2018Multiscale approach reveals that Cloudina aggregates are detritus and not in situ reef constructionsMehra, Akshay K; Maloof, Adam C
1-May-2013A probabilistic assessment of sea level variations within the last interglacial stageKopp, Robert E; Simons, Frederik J; Mitrovica, Jerry X; Maloof, Adam C; Oppenheimer, Michael
8-Apr-2020Reevaluating the evidence for a Hadean-Eoarchean dynamoBorlina, Cauê S; Weiss, Benjamin P; Lima, Eduardo A; Tang, Fengzai; Taylor, Richard JM; et al
30-Mar-2019A Simple Method for Extracting Water Depth From Multispectral Satellite Imagery in Regions of Variable Bottom TypeGeyman, Emily C; Maloof, Adam C
8-Nov-2017Snowball Earth climate dynamics and Cryogenian geology-geobiologyHoffman, Paul F; Abbot, Dorian S; Ashkenazy, Yosef; Benn, Douglas I; Brocks, Jochen J; et al
22-Feb-2021Three-Dimensional Morphometry of Ooids in Oolites: A New Tool for More Accurate and Precise Paleoenvironmental InterpretationHowes, Bolton; Mehra, Akshay; Maloof, Adam C