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14-Apr-2015An active atmospheric methane sink in high Arctic mineral cryosolsLau, Maggie CY; Stackhouse, Brandon T; Layton, Alice C; Chauhan, Archana; Vishnivetskaya, Tatiana A; et al
29-Jul-2016Atmospheric CH4 oxidation by Arctic permafrost and mineral cryosols as a function of water saturation and temperatureStackhouse, Brandon; Lau, Maggie CY; Vishnivetskaya, Tatiana; Burton, Nancy; Wang, R; et al
17-Dec-2014Comparisons of the composition and biogeographic distribution of the bacterial communities occupying South African thermal springs with those inhabiting deep subsurface fracture waterMagnabosco, Cara; Tekere, Memory; Lau, Maggie CY; Linage, Borja; Kuloyo, Olukayode; et al
18-Jun-2019Cretaceous dinosaur bone contains recent organic material and provides an environment conducive to microbial communitiesSaitta, Evan T; Liang, Renxing; Lau, Maggie CY; Brown, Caleb M; Longrich, Nicholas R; et al
27-Dec-2019The Discovery of Twenty-Eight New Encapsulin Sequences, Including Three in Anammox BacteriaWard, Bess B; Tracey, John C; Coronado, Maricela; Giessen, Tobias W; Lau, Maggie CY; et al
27-Apr-2017Draft Genome Sequence of Uncultured Upland Soil Cluster Gammaproteobacteria Gives Molecular Insights into High- Affinity MethanotrophyEdwards, Collin R; Onstott, Tullis C; Miller, Jennifer M; Wiggins, Jessica B; Wang, Wei; et al
21-Nov-2018Draft Genome Sequence of “Candidatus Bathyarchaeota” Archaeon BE326-BA-RLH, an Uncultured Denitrifier and Putative Anaerobic Methanotroph from South Africa’s Deep Continental BiosphereHarris, Rachel L; Lau, Maggie CY; Cadar, Andreia; Bartlett, Douglas H; Cason, Errol; et al
7-Sep-2017Erratum for Edwards et al., “Draft Genome Sequence of Uncultured Upland Soil Cluster Gammaproteobacteria Gives Molecular Insights into High-Affinity Methanotrophy”Edwards, Collin R; Onstott, Tullis C; Miller, Jennifer M; Wiggins, Jessica B; Wang, Wei; et al
14-May-2018Fluctuations in populations of subsurface methane oxidizers in coordination with changes in electron acceptor availabilityMagnabosco, Cara; Timmers, Peer HA; Lau, Maggie CY; Borgonie, Gaetan; Linage-Alvarez, Borja; et al
21-Nov-2019The genome of a subterrestrial nematode reveals adaptations to heatWeinstein, Deborah J; Allen, Sarah E; Lau, Maggie CY; Erasmus, Mariana; Asalone, Kathryn C; et al
19-Mar-2020Genome-centric resolution of novel microbial lineages in an excavated Centrosaurus dinosaur fossil bone from the Late Cretaceous of North AmericaLiang, Renxing; Lau, Maggie CY; Saitta, Evan T; Garvin, Zachary K; Onstott, Tullis C
14-Nov-2019Metagenome-assembled genome of USCα AHI, a potential high-affinity methanotroph from Axel Heiberg Island, Canadian High ArcticRusley, Calvin; Onstott, Tullis C; Vishnivetskaya, Tatiana A; Layton, Alice; Chauhan, Archana; et al
20-Nov-2014Metagenomes from Thawing Low-Soil-Organic-Carbon Mineral Cryosols and Permafrost of the Canadian High ArcticChauhan, Archana; Layton, Alice C; Vishnivetskaya, Tatiana A; Williams, Daniel; Pfiffner, Susan M; et al
31-Oct-2014Phylogeny and phylogeography of functional genes shared among seven terrestrial subsurface metagenomes reveal N-cycling and microbial evolutionary relationshipsLau, Maggie CY; Cameron, Connor; Magnabosco, Cara; Brown, C Titus; Schilkey, Faye; et al
28-Nov-2017Rokubacteria: Genomic Giants among the Uncultured Bacterial PhylaBecraft, Eric D; Woyke, Tanja; Jarett, Jessica; Ivanova, Natalia; Godoy-Vitorino, Filipa; et al
19-May-2016A scalable model for methane consumption in arctic mineral soilsOh, Youmi; Stackhouse, Brandon; Lau, Maggie CY; Xu, Xiangtao; Trugman, Anna T; et al
20-Aug-2018South African crustal fracture fluids preserve paleometeoric water signatures for up to tens of millions of yearsHeard, Andrew W; Warr, Oliver; Borgonie, Gaetan; Linage, Borja; Kuloyo, Olukayode; et al
20-Jun-2018Taxonomic and Functional Compositions Impacted by the Quality of Metatranscriptomic AssembliesLau, Maggie CY; Harris, Rachel L; Oh, Youmi; Yi, Min Joo; Behmard, Aida; et al
15-Jan-2016Variations in microbial carbon sources and cycling in the deep continental subsurfaceSimkus, Danielle N; Slater, Greg F; Sherwood Lollar, Barbara; Wilkie, Kenna; Kieft, Thomas L; et al