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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
8-Jul-2015The Anatomical and Functional Organization of the Human Visual PulvinarArcaro, Michael J.; Pinsk, Mark A.; Kastner, Sabine
Aug-2013Attention flexibly alters tuning for object categoriesKim, Jiye G.; Kastner, Sabine
May-2014Attention in the real world: toward understanding its neural basisPeelen, Marius V.; Kastner, Sabine
Aug-2015Automatic guidance of attention during real-world visual searchSeidl-Rathkopf, Katharina N.; Turk-Browne, Nicholas B.; Kastner, Sabine
Oct-2017A brief comparative review of primate posterior parietal cortex: A novel hypothesis on the human toolmakerKastner, Sabine; Chen, Qi; Jeong, Sukeun; Mruczek, Ryan E.B.
17-Mar-2015The cognitive thalamusSaalmann, Yuri B.; Kastner, Sabine
2017Communication between Brain Areas Based on Nested OscillationsBonnefond, Mathilde; Kastner, Sabine; Jensen, Ole
Dec-2012Electrophysiological Low-Frequency Coherence and Cross-Frequency Coupling Contribute to BOLD ConnectivityWang, Liang; Saalmann, Yuri B.; Pinsk, Mark A.; Arcaro, Michael J.; Kastner, Sabine
12-Apr-2017FEF-Controlled Alpha Delay Activity Precedes Stimulus-Induced Gamma-Band Activity in Visual CortexPopov, Tzvetan; Kastner, Sabine; Jensen, Ole
Oct-2015From behavior to neural dynamics: An integrated theory of attentionBuschman, Timothy J.; Kastner, Sabine
Feb-2015Functions of the human frontoparietal attention network: Evidence from neuroimagingScolari, Miranda; Seidl-Rathkopf, Katharina N.; Kastner, Sabine
Feb-2015Is 20/20 vision good enough? Visual acuity differences within the normal range predict contour element detection and integrationKeane, Brian P.; Kastner, Sabine; Paterno, Danielle; Silverstein, Steven M.
Oct-2011Is that a bathtub in your kitchen?Peelen, Marius V.; Kastner, Sabine
15-Jan-2019The mediodorsal pulvinar coordinates the macaque fronto-parietal network during rhythmic spatial attention.Fiebelkorn, Ian C.; Pinsk, Mark A.; Kastner, Sabine
Dec-2014Multiple forms of contour grouping deficits in schizophrenia: What is the role of spatial frequency?Keane, Brian P.; Erlikhman, Gennady; Kastner, Sabine; Paterno, Danielle; Silverstein, Steven M.
16-Sep-2015A Neural Basis for Developmental Topographic DisorientationKim, Jiye G.; Aminoff, Elissa M.; Kastner, Sabine; Behrmann, Marlene
22-Aug-2012Neural Evidence for Distracter Suppression during Visual Search in Real-World ScenesSeidl, Katharina N.; Peelen, Marius V.; Kastner, Sabine
Oct-2018An Open Resource for Non-human Primate Imaging.Milham, Michael P.; Ai, Lei; Koo, Bonhwang; Xu, Ting; Amiez, CĂ©line; et al
19-Dec-2018Organizing principles of pulvino-cortical functional coupling in humansArcaro, Michael J.; Pinsk, Mark A.; Chen, Janice; Kastner, Sabine
Dec-2014Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Advances in ElectrocorticographyRitaccio, Anthony; Brunner, Peter; Gunduz, Aysegul; Hermes, Dora; Hirsch, Lawrence J.; et al