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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014CHARIS science: performance simulations for the Subaru Telescope’s third-generation of exoplanet imaging instrumentationBrandt, Timothy D; McElwain, Michael W; Janson, Markus; Knapp, Gillian R; Mede, Kyle; et al
2020Efficient wavefront sensing for space-based adaptive opticsSun, H; Kasdin, N Jeremy; Vanderbei, Robert
1-Oct-2018Identification and adaptive control of a high-contrast focal plane wavefront correction systemSun, H; Kasdin, N Jeremy; Vanderbei, Robert
Apr-2016Minimizing Proton Displacement Damage Dose During Electric Orbit Raising of SatellitesDutta, Atri; Kasdin, N Jeremy; Choueiri, Edgar; Francken, Philippe
30-Dec-2013Monochromatic verification of high-contrast imaging with an occulterSirbu, Dan; Kasdin, N Jeremy; Vanderbei, Robert J
2011Optimal pupil apodizations of arbitrary apertures for high-contrast imagingCarlotti, A; Vanderbei, Robert; Kasdin, N Jeremy
2012Optimized shaped pupil masks for pupil with obscurationCarlotti, Alexis; Kasdin, N Jeremy; Vanderbei, Robert J.; Delorme, Jacques-Robert
Sep-2014Quaternion-Based Coordinates for Nonsingular Modeling of High-Inclination Orbital TransferLibraro, Paola; Kasdin, N Jeremy; Choueiri, Edgar Y; Dutta, Atri
24-Sep-2012Scientific Design of a High Contrast Integral Field Spectrograph for the Subaru TelescopeMcElwain, Michael W; Brandt, Timothy D; Janson, Markus; Knapp, Gillian R; Peters, Mary Anne; et al