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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
25-Sep-2017Composite fermions in bands with N -fold rotational symmetryIppoliti, M; Geraedts, SD; Bhatt, Ravindra N
31-Jul-2017Connection between Fermi contours of zero-field electrons and ν= 12 composite fermions in two-dimensional systemsIppoliti, M; Geraedts, SD; Bhatt, Ravindra N
29-Mar-2019Cooling arbitrary near-critical systems using hyperbolic quenchesMitra, P; Ippoliti, M; Bhatt, Ravindra N; Sondhi, SL; Agarwal, K
2020Dimensional Crossover of the Integer Quantum Hall Plateau Transition and Disordered Topological PumpingIppoliti, M; Bhatt, Ravindra N
2020Fermi Surfaces of Composite FermionsBhatt, Ravindra N; Ippoliti, M
1-Aug-2018Geometry of flux attachment in anisotropic fractional quantum Hall statesIppoliti, M; Bhatt, Ravindra N; Haldane, FDM
2019Interaction-dependent anisotropy of fractional quantum Hall statesKrishna, A; Chen, F; Ippoliti, M; Bhatt, Ravindra N
2019Localization and interactions in topological and nontopological bands in two dimensionsKrishna, A; Ippoliti, M; Bhatt, Ravindra N
14-Jan-2019Many-body localization in Landau-level subbandsKrishna, A; Ippoliti, M; Bhatt, Ravindra N
16-May-2017Numerical study of anisotropy in a composite Fermi liquidIppoliti, M; Geraedts, SD; Bhatt, Ravindra N