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14-Nov-2016Altered Glycosylation Patterns Increase Immunogenicity of a Subunit Hepatitis C Virus Vaccine, Inducing Neutralizing Antibodies Which Confer Protection in MiceLi, Dapeng; von Schaewen, Markus; Wang, Xuesong; Tao, Wanyin; Zhang, Yunfang; et al
10-May-2019Differences across cyclophilin A orthologs contribute to the host range restriction of hepatitis C virus.Gaska, Jenna M; Balev, Metodi; Ding, Qiang; Heller, Brigitte; Ploss, Alexander
Dec-2016Expanding the Host Range of Hepatitis C Virus through Viral Adaptationvon Schaewen, Markus; Dorner, Marcus; Hueging, Kathrin; Foquet, Lander; Gerges, Sherif; et al
31-Jan-2017Hepatitis E virus ORF3 is a functional ion channel required for release of infectious particlesDing, Qiang; Heller, Brigitte; Capuccino, Juan MV; Song, Bokai; Nimgaonkar, Ila; et al
8-May-2018Identification of the Intragenomic Promoter Controlling Hepatitis E Virus Subgenomic RNA Transcription.Ding, Qiang; Nimgaonkar, Ila; Archer, Nicholas F; Bram, Yaron; Heller, Brigitte; et al
25-Jul-2017Long-term hepatitis B infection in a scalable hepatic co-culture system.Winer, Benjamin Y.; Huang, Tiffany S.; Pludwinski, Eitan; Heller, Brigitte; Wojcik, Felix; et al
2017Mice Expressing Minimally Humanized CD81 and Occludin Genes Support Hepatitis C Virus Uptake In VivoDing, Qiang; von Schaewen, Markus; Hrebikova, Gabriela; Heller, Brigitte; Sandmann, Lisa; et al
Jun-2018Preclinical assessment of antiviral combination therapy in a genetically humanized mouse model for hepatitis delta virus infection.Winer, Benjamin Y; Shirvani-Dastgerdi, Elham; Bram, Yaron; Sellau, Julie; Low, Benjamin E; et al
28-Nov-2018Selective expansion of myeloid and NK cells in humanized mice yields human-like vaccine responses.Douam, Florian; Ziegler, Carly GK; Hrebikova, Gabriela; Fant, Bruno; Leach, Robert; et al
Jul-2018Species-specific disruption of STING-dependent antiviral cellular defenses by the Zika virus NS2B3 protease.Ding, Qiang; Gaska, Jenna M; Douam, Florian; Wei, Lei; Kim, David; et al