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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2015Beyond convexity: Stochastic quasi-convex optimizationHazan, Elad; Levy, KY; Shalev-Shwartz, S
19-Jun-2016The computational power of optimization in online learningHazan, Elad; Koren, T
2016Faster convex optimization: Simulated annealing with an efficient universal barrierAbernethy, J; Hazan, Elad
2016Faster eigenvector computation via shift-and-invert preconditioningGarber, D; Hazan, Elad; Jin, C; Kakade, SM; Musco, C; et al
2015Faster rates for the frank-Wolfe method over strongly-convex setsGarber, D; Hazan, Elad
9-Dec-2016Near-optimal algorithms for online matrix predictionHazan, Elad; Kale, S; Shalev-Shwartz, S
2016A non-generative framework and convex relaxations for unsupervised learningHazan, Elad; Ma, T
2018On the optimization of deep networks: Implicit acceleration by overparameterizationArora, Sanjeev; Cohen, N; Hazan, Elad
2015Online gradient boostingBeygelzimer, A; Hazan, Elad; Kale, S; Luo, H
2016Optimal black-box reductions between optimization objectivesZeyuan, A-Z; Hazan, Elad
1-Nov-2017Second-order stochastic optimization for machine learning in linear timeAgarwal, N; Bullins, B; Hazan, Elad
2016Variance reduction for faster non-convex optimizationAllen-Zhu, Z; Hazan, Elad
2016Variance-reduced and projection-free stochastic optimizationHazan, Elad; Luo, H