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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2013Design and performance of an ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscope operating at dilution refrigerator temperatures and high magnetic fieldsMisra, S; Zhou, BB; Drozdov, IK; Seo, J; Urban, L; et al
Feb-2016Layer-dependent quantum cooperation of electron and hole states in the anomalous semimetal WTe2Das, Pranab Kumar; Di Sante, D; Vobornik, I; Fujii, J; Okuda, T; et al
14-Oct-2016Quasi-particle interference of heavy fermions in resonant x-ray scatteringGyenis, A; da Silva Neto, EH; Sutarto, R; Schierle, E; He, F; et al
15-Sep-2013Quasiparticle interference on the surface of the topological crystalline insulator Pb1-xSnxSeGyenis, A; Drozdov, IK; Nadj-Perge, S; Jeong, OB; Seo, J; et al
27-Apr-2016Sn-doped Bi1.1Sb0.9Te2S bulk crystal topological insulator with excellent propertiesKushwaha, SK; Pletikosic, I; Liang, T; Gyenis, A; Lapidus, SH; et al
2020Universal gates for protected superconducting qubits using optimal controlAbdelhafez, M; Baker, B; Gyenis, A; Mundada, P; Houck, Andrew A; et al