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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2019Abstract interpretation of distributed network control planesBeckett, Ryan; Gupta, Aarti; Mahajan, Ratul; Walker, David
2014An Adaptable Rule Placement for Software-Defined NetworksZhang, Shuyuan; Ivancic, Franjo; Lumezanu, Cristian; Yuan, Yifei; Gupta, Aarti; et al
2016Alive-FP: Automated Verification of Floating Point Based Peephole Optimizations in LLVMMenendez, David; Nagarakatte, Santosh; Gupta, Aarti
2015Assertion guided symbolic execution of multithreaded programsGuo, Shengjian; Kusano, Markus; Wang, Chao; Yang, Zijiang; Gupta, Aarti
2020Automating Modular Verification of Secure Information FlowPick, Lauren; Fedyukovich, Grigory; Gupta, Aarti
Aug-2018Control plane compressionBeckett, Ryan; Gupta, Aarti; Mahajan, Ratul; Walker, David
2012Efficient predictive analysis for detecting nondeterminism in multi-threaded programsSinha, Arnab; Malik, Sharad; Gupta, Aarti
2018Exploiting Synchrony and Symmetry in Relational VerificationPick, Lauren; Fedyukovich, Grigory; Gupta, Aarti
2020Fold/Unfold Transformations for Fixpoint LogicKobayashi, Naoki; Fedyukovich, Grigory; Gupta, Aarti
Nov-2018A formal instruction-level GPU model for scalable verificationXing, Yue; Huang, Bo-Yuan; Gupta, Aarti; Malik, Sharad
2019Functional Synthesis with ExamplesFedyukovich, Grigory; Gupta, Aarti
Aug-2017A general approach to network configuration verificationBeckett, Ryan; Gupta, Aarti; Mahajan, Ratul; Walker, David
2019ILAng: A Modeling and Verification Platform for SoCs Using Instruction-Level AbstractionsHuang, Bo-Yuan; Zhang, Hongce; Gupta, Aarti; Malik, Sharad
Dec-2018Instruction-Level Abstraction (ILA): A Uniform Specification for System-on-Chip (SoC) VerificationHuang, Boyuan; Zhang, Hongce; Subramanyan, Pramod; Vizel, Yakir; Gupta, Aarti; et al
2019Lazy but Effective Functional SynthesisFedyukovich, Grigory; Gurfinkel, Arie; Gupta, Aarti
2019Lemma Synthesis for Automating Induction over Algebraic Data TypesYang, Weikun; Fedyukovich, Grigory; Gupta, Aarti
2016Parallel data race detection for task parallel programs with locksYoga, Adarsh; Nagarakatte, Santosh; Gupta, Aarti
2018PipeProof: Automated Memory Consistency Proofs for Microarchitectural SpecificationsManerkar, Yatin A; Lustig, Daniel; Martonosi, Margaret; Gupta, Aarti
2012Predicting Serializability Violations: SMT-Based Search vs. DPOR-Based SearchSinha, Arnab; Malik, Sharad; Wang, Chao; Gupta, Aarti
2019Quantified Invariants via Syntax-Guided SynthesisFedyukovich, Grigory; Prabhu, Sumanth; Madhukar, Kumar; Gupta, Aarti