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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2018Galaxy interactions trigger rapid black hole growth: An unprecedented view from the Hyper Suprime-Cam surveyGoulding, Andy D; Greene, Jenny E.; Bezanson, Rachel; Greco, Johnny; Johnson, Sean; et al
20-Mar-2018High-redshift Extremely Red Quasars in X-RaysGoulding, Andy D; Zakamska, Nadia L; Alexandroff, Rachael M; Assef, Roberto J; Banerji, Manda; et al
20-Apr-2018Illuminating Low Surface Brightness Galaxies with the Hyper Suprime-Cam SurveyGreco, Johnny P; Greene, Jenny E.; Strauss, Michael A.; Macarthur, Lauren A; Flowers, Xzavier; et al
Oct-2018Imaging extended emission-line regions of obscured AGN with the Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam SurveySun, Ai-Lei; Greene, Jenny E.; Zakamska, Nadia L; Goulding, Andy D; Strauss, Michael A.; et al
Sep-2018The MASSIVE Survey - X. Misalignment between kinematic and photometric axes and intrinsic shapes of massive early-type galaxiesEne, Irina; Ma, Chung-Pei; Veale, Melanie; Greene, Jenny E.; Thomas, Jens; et al
1-Aug-2016THE MASSIVE SURVEY. IV. THE X-RAY HALOS OF THE MOST MASSIVE EARLY-TYPE GALAXIES IN THE NEARBY UNIVERSEGoulding, Andy D; Greene, Jenny E.; Ma, Chung-Pei; Veale, Melanie; Bogdan, Akos; et al
1-Mar-2017The MASSIVE Survey. VI. The Spatial Distribution and Kinematics of Warm Ionized Gas in the Most Massive Local Early-type GalaxiesPandya, Viraj; Greene, Jenny E.; Ma, Chung-Pei; Veale, Melanie; Ene, Irina; et al
20-Oct-2018A Study of Two Diffuse Dwarf Galaxies in the FieldGreco, Johnny P; Goulding, Andy D; Greene, Jenny E.; Strauss, Michael A.; Huang, Song; et al
Jan-2018Sumo Puff: Tidal debris or disturbed ultra-diffuse galaxy?Greco, Johnny P; Greene, Jenny E.; Price-Whelan, Adrian M; Leauthaud, Alexie; Huang, Song; et al
10-Jun-2015VARIABLE HARD-X-RAY EMISSION FROM THE CANDIDATE ACCRETING BLACK HOLE IN DWARF GALAXY HENIZE 2-10Whalen, Thomas J; Hickox, Ryan C; Reines, Amy E; Greene, Jenny E.; Sivakoff, Gregory R; et al