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Jan-2013Apolipoprotein E and Measured Physical and Pulmonary Function in Older Taiwanese AdultsVasunilashorn, Sarinnapha; Glei, Dana A; Lin, Yu-Hsuan; Goldman, Noreen
Jun-2014Beyond Self-Reports: Changes in Biomarkers as Predictors of MortalityGlei, Dana A; Goldman, Noreen; Rodríguez, Germán; Weinstein, Maxine
Jan-2014Death of a child and parental wellbeing in old age: Evidence from TaiwanLee, Chioun; Glei, Dana A; Weinstein, Maxine; Goldman, Noreen
Aug-2013Does Exposure to Stressors Predict Changes in Physiological Dysregulation?Glei, Dana A; Goldman, Noreen; Wu, Chih-Hsun; Weinstein, Maxine
5-Jul-2013Microbial–Mammalian Cometabolites Dominate the Age-associated Urinary Metabolic Phenotype in Taiwanese and American PopulationsSwann, Jonathan R; Spagou, Konstantina; Lewis, Matthew; Nicholson, Jeremy K; Glei, Dana A; et al
Jul-2013Perceived stress and biological risk: is the link stronger in Russians than in Taiwanese and Americans?Glei, Dana A; Goldman, Noreen; Shkolnikov, Vladimir M; Jdanov, Dmitri; Shkolnikova, Maria; et al
Nov-2013Perceived stress and mortality in a Taiwanese older adult populationVasunilashorn, Sarinnapha; Glei, Dana A; Weinstein, Maxine; Goldman, Noreen
Sep-2017Physiological Dysregulation, Frailty, and Risk of Mortality Among Older AdultsCornman, Jennifer C; Glei, Dana A; Goldman, Noreen; Weinstein, Maxine
6-Apr-2016Predicting Survival from Telomere Length versus Conventional Predictors: A Multinational Population-Based Cohort StudyGlei, Dana A; Goldman, Noreen; Risques, Rosa Ana; Rehkopf, David H; Dow, William H; et al
Aug-2013Sex differences in trajectories of depressive symptoms among older Taiwanese: the contribution of selected stressors and social factorsGlei, Dana A; Goldman, Noreen; Liu, I-Wen; Weinstein, Maxine
Jun-2012Social relationships and inflammatory markers: An analysis of Taiwan and the U.S.Glei, Dana A; Goldman, Noreen; Ryff, Carol D; Lin, Yu-Hsuan; Weinstein, Maxine
Jan-2013To what extent do biomarkers account for the large social disparities in health in Moscow?Glei, Dana A; Goldman, Noreen; Shkolnikov, Vladimir M; Jdanov, Dmitri; Shalnova, Svetlana; et al
19-Jul-2016What Matters Most for Predicting Survival? A Multinational Population-Based Cohort StudyGoldman, Noreen; Glei, Dana A; Weinstein, Maxine