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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2017Anomalous Nernst Effect in the Dirac Semimetal Cd3As2Liang, Tian; Lin, Jingjing; Gibson, Quinn; Gao, Tong; Hirschberger, Max; et al
Jun-2015Correlation of crystal quality and extreme magnetoresistance of WTe2Ali, Mazhar N; Schoop, Leslie M; Xiong, Jun; Flynn, Steven; Gibson, Quinn; et al
21-Apr-2014The Crystal and Electronic Structures of Cd3As2, the Three-Dimensional Electronic Analogue of GrapheneAli, Mazhar N; Gibson, Quinn; Jeon, Sangjun; Zhou, Brian B; Yazdani, Ali; et al
1-Nov-2013Evidence for massive bulk Dirac fermions in Pb1−xSnxSe from Nernst and thermopower experimentsLiang, Tian; Gibson, Quinn; Xiong, Jun; Hirschberger, Max; Koduvayur, Sunanda P; et al