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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
5-Sep-2015Inferring processes underlying B-cell repertoire diversityElhanati, Yuval; Sethna, Zachary; Marcou, Quentin; Callan Jr, Curtis G; Mora, Thierry; et al
1-Sep-2019OLGA: fast computation of generation probabilities of B- and T-cell receptor amino acid sequences and motifsSethna, Zachary; Elhanati, Yuval; Callan Jr, Curtis G; Walczak, Aleksandra M; Mora, Thierry
8-Jul-2014Quantifying selection in immune receptor repertoiresElhanati, Yuval; Murugan, Anand; Callan Jr, Curtis G; Mora, Thierry; Walczak, Aleksandra M