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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
6-Dec-2017Anderson localization transitions with and without random potentialsDevakul, Trithep; Huse, David A
Jun-2016Many-body localization phase transition: A simplified strong-randomness approximate renormalization groupZhang, Liangsheng; Zhao, Bo; Devakul, Trithep; Huse, David A
20-Mar-2017Probability distribution of the entanglement across a cut at an infinite-randomness fixed pointDevakul, Trithep; Majumdar, Satya N; Huse, David A
18-Jun-2018Probing the Quench Dynamics of Antiferromagnetic Correlations in a 2D Quantum Ising Spin SystemGuardado-Sanchez, Elmer; Brown, Peter T; Mitra, Debayan; Devakul, Trithep; Huse, David A; et al