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Probing the Quench Dynamics of Antiferromagnetic Correlations in a 2D Quantum Ising Spin System

Author(s): Guardado-Sanchez, Elmer; Brown, Peter T; Mitra, Debayan; Devakul, Trithep; Huse, David A; et al

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Abstract: Simulating the real-time evolution of quantum spin systems far out of equilibrium poses a major theoretical challenge, especially in more than one dimension. We experimentally explore quench dynamics in a two-dimensional Ising spin system with transverse and longitudinal fields. We realize the system with a near unit-occupancy atomic array of over 200 atoms obtained by loading a spin-polarized band insulator of fermionic lithium into an optical lattice and induce short-range interactions by direct excitation to a low-lying Rydberg state. Using site-resolved microscopy, we probe antiferromagnetic correlations in the system after a sudden quench from a paramagnetic state and compare our measurements to numerical calculations using state-of-the-art techniques. We achieve many-body states with longer-range antiferromagnetic correlations by implementing a near-adiabatic quench of the longitudinal field and study the buildup of correlations as we vary the rate with which we change the field.
Publication Date: 18-Jun-2018
Electronic Publication Date: Jun-2018
Citation: Guardado-Sanchez, Elmer, Brown, Peter T, Mitra, Debayan, Devakul, Trithep, Huse, David A, Schauss, Peter, Bakr, Waseem S. (2018). Probing the Quench Dynamics of Antiferromagnetic Correlations in a 2D Quantum Ising Spin System. PHYSICAL REVIEW X, 8 (10.1103/PhysRevX.8.021069
DOI: doi:10.1103/PhysRevX.8.021069
ISSN: 2160-3308
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: PHYSICAL REVIEW X
Version: Final published version. This is an open access article.

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