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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
14-Apr-2015An active atmospheric methane sink in high Arctic mineral cryosolsLau, Maggie CY; Stackhouse, Brandon T; Layton, Alice C; Chauhan, Archana; Vishnivetskaya, Tatiana A; et al
14-Nov-2019Metagenome-assembled genome of USCĪ± AHI, a potential high-affinity methanotroph from Axel Heiberg Island, Canadian High ArcticRusley, Calvin; Onstott, Tullis C; Vishnivetskaya, Tatiana A; Layton, Alice; Chauhan, Archana; et al
20-Nov-2014Metagenomes from Thawing Low-Soil-Organic-Carbon Mineral Cryosols and Permafrost of the Canadian High ArcticChauhan, Archana; Layton, Alice C; Vishnivetskaya, Tatiana A; Williams, Daniel; Pfiffner, Susan M; et al
21-May-2020Thaumarchaea Genome Sequences from a High Arctic Active LayerSun, Emily WH; Hajirezaie, Sassan; Dooner, Mackenzie; Vishnivetskaya, Tatiana A; Layton, Alice; et al