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Nov-2016Cohesive Neighborhoods Where Social Expectations Are Shared May Have Positive Impact On Adolescent Mental HealthDonnelly, Louis J.; McLanahan, Sara; Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne; Garfinkel, Irwin; Wagner, Brandon G.; et al
Jan-2015Family Structure Instability, Genetic Sensitivity, and Child Well-BeingMitchell, Colter; McLanahan, Sara; Hobcraft, John; Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne; Garfinkel, Irwin; et al
29-Aug-2017Geography of intergenerational mobility and child developmentDonnelly, Louis J.; Garfinkel, Irwin; Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne; Wagner, Brandon G.; James, Sarah A.; et al
Jul-2018Links Between Childhood Exposure to Violent Contexts and Risky Adolescent Health BehaviorsJames, Sarah; Donnelly, Louis; Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne; McLanahan, Sara
2018Neighborhood Disadvantage and Telomere Length: Results from the Fragile Families StudyMassey, Douglas S.; Wagner, Brandon; Donnelly, Louis; McLanahan, Sara; Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne; et al
Sep-2012Race/Ethnic and Nativity Disparities in Child Overweight in the United States and EnglandMartinson, Melissa L.; McLanahan, Sara; Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne
22-Apr-2014Social disadvantage, genetic sensitivity, and children's telomere lengthMitchell, Colter; Hobcraft, John; McLanahan, Sara; Siegel, Susan Rutherford; Berg, Arthur; et al