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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
6-Mar-2018An Accumulation-of-Evidence Task Using Visual Pulses for Mice Navigating in Virtual Reality.Pinto, Lucas; Koay, Sue A; Engelhard, Ben; Yoon, Alice M; Deverett, Ben; et al
Dec-2013A low-frequency oscillatory neural signal in humans encodes a developing decision variableKubanek, Jan; Snyder, Lawrence H; Brunton, Bingni W; Brody, Carlos D; Schalk, Gerwin
Nov-2017Rat Prefrontal Cortex Inactivations during Decision Making Are Explained by Bistable Attractor Dynamics.Piet, Alex T; Erlich, Jeffrey C; Kopec, Charles D; Brody, Carlos D
15-Oct-2018Rats adopt the optimal timescale for evidence integration in a dynamic environment.Piet, Alex T; El Hady, Ahmed; Brody, Carlos D
17-Dec-2015Sources of noise during accumulation of evidence in unrestrained and voluntarily head-restrained ratsScott, Benjamin B; Constantinople, Christine M; Erlich, Jeffrey C; Tank, David W; Brody, Carlos D