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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
9-Aug-2019Controlling the material properties and rRNA processing function of the nucleolus using light.Zhu, Lian; Richardson, Tiffany M; Wacheul, Ludivine; Wei, Ming-Tzo; Feric, Marina; et al
15-Mar-2013The micro and macro of RNA functionBrangwynne, Clifford P; Johnson, Tracy L
-Nuclear bodies: the emerging biophysics of nucleoplasmic phasesZhu, Lian; Brangwynne, Clifford P
Jun-2018Protein Phase Separation Provides Long-Term Memory of Transient Spatial Stimuli.Dine, Elliot; Gil, Agnieszka A; Uribe, Giselle; Brangwynne, Clifford P; Toettcher, Jared E
20-Oct-2015Remodeling nuclear architecture allows efficient transport of herpesvirus capsids by diffusionBosse, Jens B; Hogue, Ian B; Feric, Marina; Thiberge, Stephan Y; Sodeik, Beate; et al