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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
17-Dec-2014Comparisons of the composition and biogeographic distribution of the bacterial communities occupying South African thermal springs with those inhabiting deep subsurface fracture waterMagnabosco, Cara; Tekere, Memory; Lau, Maggie CY; Linage, Borja; Kuloyo, Olukayode; et al
24-Nov-2015Eukaryotic opportunists dominate the deep-subsurface biosphere in South AfricaBorgonie, Gaetan; Linage-Alvarez, Borja; Ojo, Adebayo O; Mundle, Scott OC; Freese, LB; et al
14-May-2018Fluctuations in populations of subsurface methane oxidizers in coordination with changes in electron acceptor availabilityMagnabosco, Cara; Timmers, Peer HA; Lau, Maggie CY; Borgonie, Gaetan; Linage-Alvarez, Borja; et al
21-Nov-2019The genome of a subterrestrial nematode reveals adaptations to heatWeinstein, Deborah J; Allen, Sarah E; Lau, Maggie CY; Erasmus, Mariana; Asalone, Kathryn C; et al
1-Mar-2019New ecosystems in the deep subsurface follow the flow of water driven by geological activityBorgonie, Gaetan; Magnabosco, Cara; GarcĂ­a-Moyano, Antonio; Linage-Alvarez, Borja; Ojo, Abidemi O; et al
20-Aug-2018South African crustal fracture fluids preserve paleometeoric water signatures for up to tens of millions of yearsHeard, Andrew W; Warr, Oliver; Borgonie, Gaetan; Linage, Borja; Kuloyo, Olukayode; et al
15-Jan-2016Variations in microbial carbon sources and cycling in the deep continental subsurfaceSimkus, Danielle N; Slater, Greg F; Sherwood Lollar, Barbara; Wilkie, Kenna; Kieft, Thomas L; et al