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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2019AsmDB: understanding and mitigating front-end stalls in warehouse-scale computersAyers, Grant; Nagendra, Nayana P; August, David I; Cho, Hyoun K; Kanev, Svilen; et al
Mar-2012Automatic speculative DOALL for clustersKim, Hanjun; Johnson, Nick P; Lee, Jae W; Mahlke, Scott A; August, David I
2013Automatically exploiting cross-invocation parallelism using runtime informationHuang, Jialu; Jablin, Thomas B; Beard, Stephen R; Johnson, Nick P; August, David I
Mar-2012Dynamically managed data for CPU-GPU architecturesJablin, Thomas B; Jablin, James A; Prabhu, Prakash; Liu, Feng; August, David I
Dec-2011Encore: low-cost, fine-grained transient fault recoveryFeng, Shuguang; Gupta, Shantanu; Ansari, Amin; Mahlke, Scott A; August, David I
2017A Generalized Framework for Automatic Scripting Language ParallelizationOh, Taewook; Beard, Stephen R; Johnson, Nick P; Popovych, Sergiy; August, David I
2012Runtime asynchronous fault tolerance via speculationZhang, Yun; Ghosh, Soumyadeep; Huang, Jialu; Lee, Jae W; Mahlke, Scott A; et al
2011The SPARCHS Project: Hardware Support for Software SecuritySethumadhavan, Simha; Stolfo, Salvatore; Keromytis, Angelos; Yang, Junfeng; August, David I
Nov-2011A survey of the practice of computational sciencePrabhu, Prakash; Jablin, Thomas B; Raman, Arun; Zhang, Yun; Huang, Jialu; et al