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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2017Different Evolutionary Strategies To Conserve Chromatin Boundary Function in the Bithorax ComplexCleard, Fabienne; Wolle, Daniel; Taverner, Andrew M.; Aoki, Tsutomu; Deshpande, Girish; et al
Apr-2013An evaluation of the hybrid speciation hypothesis for Xiphophorus clemenciae based on whole genome sequencesSchumer, Molly; Cui, Rongfeng; Boussau, Bastien; Walter, Ronald; Rosenthal, Gil; et al
30-Aug-2012Evolution of Multiple Additive Loci Caused Divergence between Drosophila yakuba and D. santomea in Wing Rowing during Male CourtshipCande, Jessica; Andolfatto, Peter; Prud'homme, Benjamin; Stern, David L.; Gompel, Nicolas
May-2012GENETIC ARCHITECTURE AND ADAPTIVE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE SELFING SYNDROME IN CAPSELLASlotte, Tanja; Hazzouri, Khaled M.; Stern, David; Andolfatto, Peter; Wright, Stephen I.
Aug-2015Genetics of Intraspecies Variation in Avoidance Behavior Induced by a Thermal Stimulus in Caenorhabditis elegansGhosh, Rajarshi; Bloom, Joshua S.; Mohammadi, Aylia; Schumer, Molly E.; Andolfatto, Peter; et al
1-Aug-2012Genome sequencing reveals complex speciation in the Drosophila simulans cladeGarrigan, Daniel; Kingan, Sarah B.; Geneva, Anthony J.; Andolfatto, Peter; Clark, Andrew G.; et al
18-Aug-2016A Genomic Map of the Effects of Linked Selection in DrosophilaElyashiv, Eyal; Sattath, Shmuel; Hu, Tina T.; Strutsovsky, Alon; McVicker, Graham; et al
4-Jun-2014High-resolution mapping reveals hundreds of genetic incompatibilities in hybridizing fish speciesSchumer, Molly; Cui, Rongfeng; Powell, Daniel L.; Dresner, Rebecca; Rosenthal, Gil G.; et al
Jul-2014Landscape of Standing Variation for Tandem Duplications in Drosophila yakuba and Drosophila simulansRogers, Rebekah L.; Cridland, Julie M.; Shao, Ling; Hu, Tina T.; Andolfatto, Peter; et al
2012Methods to detect selection on noncoding DNAZhen, Ying; Andolfatto, Peter
28-Sep-2012Parallel Molecular Evolution in an Herbivore CommunityZhen, Ying; Aardema, Matthew L.; Medina, Edgar M.; Schumer, Molly; Andolfatto, Peter
Aug-2016Phylogenetic incongruence and the evolutionary origins of cardenolide-resistant forms of Na+ ,K+ -ATPase in Danaus butterfliesAardema, Matthew L.; Andolfatto, Peter
1-Dec-2011A Population Genetics-Phylogenetics Approach to Inferring Natural Selection in Coding SequencesWilson, Daniel J.; Hernandez, Ryan D.; Andolfatto, Peter; Przeworski, Molly
13-Mar-2015Reproductive Isolation of Hybrid Populations Driven by Genetic IncompatibilitiesSchumer, Molly; Cui, Rongfeng; Rosenthal, Gil G.; Andolfatto, Peter
1-Dec-2014Revised Annotations, Sex-Biased Expression, and Lineage-Specific Genes in the Drosophila melanogaster GroupRogers, Rebekah L.; Shao, Ling; Sanjak, Jaleal S.; Andolfatto, Peter; Thornton, Kevin R.
11-Sep-2012Revisiting an Old Riddle: What Determines Genetic Diversity Levels within Species?Leffler, Ellen M.; Bullaughey, Kevin; Matute, Daniel R.; Meyer, Wynn K.; S├ęgurel, Laure; et al
15-Jul-2015Tandem Duplications and the Limits of Natural Selection in Drosophila yakuba and Drosophila simulansRogers, Rebekah L.; Cridland, Julie M.; Shao, Ling; Hu, Tina T.; Andolfatto, Peter; et al
Jul-2017The within-host dynamics of infection in trans-generationally primed flour beetlesTate, Ann T.; Andolfatto, Peter; Demuth, Jeffery P.; Graham, Andrea L.