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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
7-Aug-2015Discovery of a Weyl fermion semimetal and topological Fermi arcsXu, S-Y; Belopolski, I; Alidoust, N; Neupane, M; Bian, G; et al
Nov-2015Experimental discovery of a topological Weyl semimetal state in TaPXu, S-Y; Belopolski, I; Sanchez, DS; Zhang, C; Chang, G; et al
Aug-2015Lifshitz transition and Van Hove singularity in a three-dimensional topological Dirac semimetalXu, Su-Yang; Liu, Chang; Belopolski, Ilya; Kushwaha, SK; Sankar, R; et al
15-Oct-2013Oscillatory surface dichroism of the insulating topological insulator Bi2Te2SeNeupane, M; Basak, S; Alidoust, N; Xu, S-Y; Liu, Chang; et al
Aug-2015Topological phase diagram and saddle point singularity in a tunable topological crystalline insulatorNeupane, Madhab; Xu, Su-Yang; Sankar, R; Gibson, Q; Wang, YJ; et al
30-Dec-2011Unusual Nernst Effect Suggesting Time-Reversal Violation in the Striped Cuprate Superconductor La2-xBaxCuO4Li, Lu; Alidoust, N; Tranquada, JM; Gu, GD; Ong, Nai Phuan