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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
9-Jan-2018Corrigendum: Attribution of extreme rainfall from Hurricane Harvey, August 2017 (2017 Environ. Res. Lett. 12 124009)van Oldenborgh, Geert Jan; van der Wiel, Karin; Sebastian, Antonia; Singh, Roop; Arrighi, Julie; et al
12-Jul-2017Could the Recent Zika Epidemic Have Been Predicted?Muñoz, Ángel G; Thomson, Madeleine C; Stewart-Ibarra, Anna M; Vecchi, Gabriel A; Chourio, Xandre; et al
1-Feb-2014Decadal Climate Prediction: An Update from the TrenchesMeehl, Gerald A; Goddard, Lisa; Boer, George; Burgman, Robert; Branstator, Grant; et al
15-Jun-2013Detectability of Changes in the Walker Circulation in Response to Global WarmingDiNezio, Pedro N; Vecchi, Gabriel A; Clement, Amy C
16-Jan-2018Dominant Role of Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation in the Recent Decadal Changes in Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclone ActivityZhang, Wei; Vecchi, Gabriel A; Murakami, Hiroyuki; Villarini, Gabriele; Delworth, Thomas L; et al
1-Jan-2017Dominant Role of Subtropical Pacific Warming in Extreme Eastern Pacific Hurricane Seasons: 2015 and the FutureMurakami, Hiroyuki; Vecchi, Gabriel A; Delworth, Thomas L; Wittenberg, Andrew T; Underwood, Seth; et al
1-Sep-2013Dynamical downscaling projections of twenty-first-century atlantic hurricane activity: CMIP3 and CMIP5 model-based scenariosKnutson, Thomas R; Sirutis, Joseph J; Vecchi, Gabriel A; Garner, Stephen; Zhao, Ming; et al
Dec-2019A dynamical statistical framework for seasonal streamflow forecasting in an agricultural watershedSlater, Louise J; Villarini, Gabriele; Bradley, A Allen; Vecchi, Gabriel A
8-Jul-2020The East Asian Subtropical Jet Stream and Atlantic Tropical CyclonesZhang, Wei; Villarini, Gabriele; Vecchi, Gabriel A
1-Jan-2016Enhanced warming of the Northwest Atlantic Ocean under climate changeSaba, Vincent S; Griffies, Stephen M; Anderson, Whit G; Winton, Michael; Alexander, Michael A; et al
17-Aug-2015ENSO and greenhouse warmingCai, Wenju; Santoso, Agus; Wang, Guojian; Yeh, Sang-Wook; An, Soon-Il; et al
1-Nov-2015Enso extremes and diversity: Dynamics, teleconnections, and impactsSantoso, Agus; Cai, Wenju; Collins, Mat; McPhaden, Mike; Jin, Fei-Fei; et al
1-Apr-2014ENSO Modulation: Is It Decadally Predictable?Wittenberg, Andrew T; Rosati, Anthiny; Delworth, Thomas L; Vecchi, Gabriel A; Zeng, Fanrong
1-Dec-2013ENSO Transition, Duration, and Amplitude Asymmetries: Role of the Nonlinear Wind Stress Coupling in a Conceptual ModelChoi, Kit-Yan; Vecchi, Gabriel A; Wittenberg, Andrew T
4-Dec-2019Epidemic dynamics of respiratory syncytial virus in current and future climatesBaker, Rachel E; Mahmud, Ayesha S; Wagner, Caroline E; Yang, Wenchang; Pitzer, Virginia E; et al
1-Sep-2015Erratum: Hurricanes and Climate: The U.S. CLIVAR Working Group on HurricanesWalsh, Kevin JE; Camargo, Suzana J; Vecchi, Gabriel A; Daloz, Anne Sophie; Elsner, James; et al
25-Mar-2018Estimating Convection Parameters in the GFDL CM2.1 Model Using Ensemble Data AssimilationLi, Shan; Zhang, Shaoqing; Liu, Zhengyu; Lu, Lv; Zhu, Jiang; et al
15-Jul-2017Estimating Decadal Predictability for the Southern Ocean Using the GFDL CM2.1 ModelZhang, Liping; Delworth, Thomas L; Yang, Xiaosong; Gudgel, Richard G; Jia, Liwei; et al
23-Sep-2020Estuarine Forecasts at Daily Weather to Subseasonal Time ScalesRoss, Andrew C; Stock, Charles A; Dixon, Keith W; Friedrichs, Marjorie AM; Hood, Raleigh R; et al
1-Dec-2015Extreme North America Winter Storm Season of 2013/14: Roles of Radiative Forcing and the Global Warming HiatusYang, Xiaosong; Vecchi, Gabriel A; Delworth, Thomas L; Paffendorf, Karen; Gudgel, Rich; et al