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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2019Representative subsampling of sedimenting bloodRallabandi, B; Nunes, JK; Perazzo, A; Gershtein, S; Stone, Howard A
Jun-2016Rivulet flow over a flexible beamHowell, PD; Kim, H; Popova, MG; Stone, Howard A
Jun-2016Role of the Membrane for Mechanosensing by Tethered ChannelsSabass, Benedikt; Stone, Howard A
2018Rotation of a low-Reynolds-number watermill: Theory and simulationsZhu, L; Stone, Howard A
2020Rotation of a submerged finite cylinder moving down a soft inclineSaintyves, B; Rallabandi, B; Jules, T; Ault, J; Salez, T; et al
2017Rotation of an immersed cylinder sliding near a thin elastic coatingRallabandi, B; Saintyves, B; Jules, T; Salez, T; Schönecker, C; et al
1-Oct-2014Self-crumpling elastomers: Bending induced by the drying stimulus of a nanoparticle suspensionBoulogne, F; Stone, Howard A
2017Shape of the growing front of biofilmsWang, X; Stone, Howard A; Golestanian, R
Aug-2014Shear dispersion in dense granular flowsChristov, Ivan C; Stone, Howard A
2014A soft microchannel decreases polydispersity of droplet generationPang, Yan; Kim, Hyoungsoo; Liu, Zhaomiao; Stone, Howard A
6-Jan-2014Solutions to the Public Goods Dilemma in Bacterial BiofilmsDrescher, Knut; Nadell, Carey D; Stone, Howard A; Wingreen, Ned S; Bassler, Bonnie L
6-Mar-2012Source-like Solution for Radial Imbibition into a Homogeneous Semi-infinite Porous MediumXiao, Junfeng; Stone, Howard A; Attinger, Daniel
2017Spatial gene drives and pushed genetic wavesTanaka, H; Stone, Howard A; Nelson, DR
8-May-2019Spatiotemporal organization of branched microtubule networksThawani, Akanksha; Stone, Howard A; Shaevitz, Joshua W; Petry, Sabine
Oct-2013Stokes flow in a drop evaporating from a liquid subphaseGelderblom, Hanneke; Stone, Howard A; Snoeijer, Jacco H
2020Symmetrization of Thin Freestanding Liquid Films via a Capillary-Driven FlowBertin, V; Niven, J; Stone, Howard A; Salez, T; Raphaël, E; et al
13-Jun-2020The transition state and regulation of γ-TuRC-mediated microtubule nucleation revealed by single molecule microscopyThawani, Akanksha; Rale, Michael J; Coudray, Nicolas; Bhabha, Gira; Stone, Howard A; et al
2-Nov-2015Tunable transport of drops on a vibrating inclined fiberBick, Alison; Boulogne, François; Sauret, Alban; Stone, Howard A
7-Jun-2016Tuning the Receding Contact Angle on Hydrogels by Addition of ParticlesBoulogne, François; Ingremeau, François; Limat, Laurent; Stone, Howard A
2018Uniform Coating of Self-Assembled Noniridescent Colloidal Nanostructures using the Marangoni Effect and PolymersLee, SY; Kim, H; Kim, S-H; Stone, Howard A