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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2015Beyond convexity: Stochastic quasi-convex optimizationHazan, Elad; Levy, KY; Shalev-Shwartz, S
2020Boosting for Control of Dynamical SystemsAgarwal, Naman; Brukhim, Nataly; Hazan, Elad; Lu, Zhou
2021Boosting for Online Convex OptimizationHazan, Elad; Singh, Karan
2021Boosting simple learnersAlon, Noga; Gonen, Alon; Hazan, Elad; Moran, Shay
2015Classification with Low Rank and Missing DataHazan, Elad; Livni, Roi; Mansour, Yishayc
19-Jun-2016The computational power of optimization in online learningHazan, Elad; Koren, T
2015Conference on Learning Theory 2015: PrefaceGr├╝nwald, Peter; Hazan, Elad
2019Efficient Full-Matrix Adaptive RegularizationAgarwal, Naman; Bullins, Brian; Chen, Xinyi; Hazan, Elad; Singh, Karan; et al
2017Efficient Regret Minimization in Non-Convex GamesHazan, Elad; Singh, Karan; Zhang, Cyril
2016Faster convex optimization: Simulated annealing with an efficient universal barrierAbernethy, J; Hazan, Elad
2016Faster eigenvector computation via shift-and-invert preconditioningGarber, D; Hazan, Elad; Jin, C; Kakade, SM; Musco, C; et al
2015Faster rates for the frank-Wolfe method over strongly-convex setsGarber, D; Hazan, Elad
2017Finding approximate local minima faster than gradient descentAgarwal, Naman; Allen-Zhu, Zeyuan; Bullins, Brian; Hazan, Elad; Ma, Tengyu
2020Geometric Exploration for Online ControlPlevrakis, Orestis; Hazan, Elad
2018Hyperparameter optimization: a spectral approachHazan, Elad; Klivans, Adam; Yuan, Yang
2017Learning Linear Dynamical Systems via Spectral FilteringHazan, Elad; Singh, Karan; Zhang, Cyril
2016The Limits of Learning with Missing DataBullins, Brian; Hazan, Elad; Koren, Tomer
2017Linear Convergence of a Frank-Wolfe Type Algorithm over Trace-Norm BallsAllen-Zhu, Zeyuan; Hazan, Elad; Hu, Wei; Li, Yuanzhi
2016A Linearly Convergent Variant of the Conditional Gradient Algorithm under Strong Convexity, with Applications to Online and Stochastic OptimizationGarber, Dan; Hazan, Elad
2019Logarithmic Regret for Online ControlAgarwal, Naman; Hazan, Elad; Singh, Karan