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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2016Autophagy provides metabolic substrates to maintain energy charge and nucleotide pools in Ras-driven lung cancer cellsGuo, Jessie Yanxiang; Teng, Xin; Laddha, Saurabh V.; Ma, Sirui; Van Nostrand, Stephen C.; et al
26-Dec-2013Chemical Genetics of Rapamycin-Insensitive TORC2 in S. cerevisiaeKliegman, Joseph I.; Fiedler, Dorothea; Ryan, Colm J.; Xu, Yi-Fan; Su, Xiao-yang; et al
1-Jun-2018Epithelial and mesenchymal prostate cancer cell population dynamics on a complex drug landscapeLin, Ke-Chih; Torga, Gonzalo; Wu, Amy; Rabinowitz, Joshua D.; Murray, Wesley J; et al
3-Mar-2015Fatty Acid Elongase 7 Catalyzes Lipidome Remodeling Essential for Human Cytomegalovirus ReplicationPurdy, John G.; Shenk, Thomas; Rabinowitz, Joshua D.
25-Oct-2013Fatty Acid Labeling from Glutamine in Hypoxia Can Be Explained by Isotope Exchange without Net Reductive Isocitrate Dehydrogenase (IDH) FluxFan, Jing; Kamphorst, Jurre J.; Rabinowitz, Joshua D.; Shlomi, Tomer
6-Mar-2014Genetic Basis of Metabolome Variation in YeastBreunig, Jeffrey S.; Hackett, Sean R.; Rabinowitz, Joshua D.; Kruglyak, Leonid
Jul-2016Glucose becomes one of the worst carbon sources for E.coli on poor nitrogen sources due to suboptimal levels of cAMPBren, Anat; Park, Junyoung O.; Towbin, Benjamin D.; Dekel, Erez; Rabinowitz, Joshua D.; et al
3-Dec-2013Glutamine-driven oxidative phosphorylation is a major ATP source in transformed mammalian cells in both normoxia and hypoxiaFan, Jing; Kamphorst, Jurre J.; Mathew, Robin; Chung, Michelle K.; White, Eileen P.; et al
Jun-2018Ketohexokinase C blockade ameliorates fructose-induced metabolic dysfunction in fructose-sensitive miceLanaspa, Miguel A.; Andres-Hernando, Ana; Orlicky, David J.; Cicerchi, Christina; Jang, Cholsoon; et al
13-Apr-2016Partners in the Warburg effectRabinowitz, Joshua D.; Coller, Hilary A.
11-Dec-2014Quantitative analysis of acetyl-CoA production in hypoxic cancer cells reveals substantial contribution from acetateKamphorst, Jurre J.; Chung, Michelle K.; Fan, Jing; Rabinowitz, Joshua D.
17-May-2017A systematic genetic screen for genes involved in sensing inorganic phosphate availability in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeChoi, Joonhyuk; Rajagopal, Abbhirami; Xu, Yi-Fan; Rabinowitz, Joshua D.; O’Shea, Erin K.
1-Dec-2011Systems-Level Metabolic Flux Profiling Elucidates a Complete, Bifurcated Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle in Clostridium acetobutylicumAmador-Noguez, Daniel; Rabinowitz, Joshua D.; Rabitz, Herschel; Roquet, Nathaniel; Fan, Jing; et al