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Jul-2015Contrasting Local versus Regional Effects of Land-Use-Change-Induced Heterogeneity on Historical Climate: Analysis with the GFDL Earth System ModelMalyshev, Sergey; Shevliakova, Elena; Stouffer, Ronald J.; Pacala, Stephen W.
Mar-2018Differential declines in Alaskan boreal forest vitality related to climate and competitionTrugman, Anna T.; Medvigy, David; Anderegg, William R.L.; Pacala, Stephen W.
22-May-2018Divergent drivers of leaf trait variation within species, among species, and among functional groupsOsnas, Jeanne L.D.; Katabuchi, Masatoshi; Kitajima, Kaoru; Wright, S. Joseph; Reich, Peter B.; et al
Jun-2018Edge fires drive the shape and stability of tropical forestsHébert-Dufresne, Laurent; Pellegrini, Adam F.A.; Bhat, Uttam; Redner, Sidney; Pacala, Stephen W.; et al
2018A fire model with distinct crop, pasture, and non-agricultural burning: use of new data and a model-fitting algorithm for FINAL.1Rabin, Sam S.; Ward, Daniel S.; Malyshev, Sergey L.; Magi, Brian I.; Shevliakova, Elena; et al
Jan-2018Functional groups, species and light interact with nutrient limitation during tropical rainforest sapling bottleneckChou, Cleo B.; Hedin, Lars O.; Pacala, Stephen W.
16-Oct-2013Land use change and nitrogen feedbacks constrain the trajectory of the land carbon sinkGerber, Stefan; Hedin, Lars O.; Keel, Sonja G.; Pacala, Stephen W.; Shevliakova, Elena
3-Aug-2012Nitrogen and Phosphorus Limitation over Long-Term Ecosystem Development in Terrestrial EcosystemsMenge, Duncan N. L.; Hedin, Lars O.; Pacala, Stephen W.
15-Nov-2016Optimal stomatal behavior with competition for water and risk of hydraulic impairmentWolf, Adam; Anderegg, William R. L.; Pacala, Stephen W.
12-Oct-2017Plant water potential improves prediction of empirical stomatal modelsAnderegg, William R.L.; Wolf, Adam; Arango-Velez, Adriana; Choat, Brendan; Chmura, Daniel J.; et al
2015Quantifying regional, time-varying effects of cropland and pasture on vegetation fireRabin, S. S.; Magi, B. I.; Shevliakova, E.; Pacala, Stephen W.
2015Quantifying regional, time-varying effects of cropland and pasture on vegetation fireRabin, Sam S.; Magi, B.I.; Shevliakova, Elena; Pacala, Stephen W.
-Reconciling divergent estimates of oil and gas methane emissionsZavala-Araiza, Daniel; Lyon, David R.; Alvarez, Ramón A.; Davis, Kenneth J.; Harriss, Robert; et al
2015Scaling from individual trees to forests in an Earth system modeling framework using a mathematically tractable model of height-structured competitionWeng, ES; Malyshev, S; Lichstein, JW; Farrior, CE; Dybzinski, R; et al
2012Separating agricultural and non-agricultural fire seasonality at regional scalesMagi, B.I.; Rabin, Sam S.; Shevliakova, Elena; Pacala, Stephen W.
Sep-2013Speciation Rates Decline through Time in Individual-Based Models of Speciation and ExtinctionWang, Shaopeng; Chen, Anping; Fang, Jingyun; Pacala, Stephen W.
11-Apr-2014Species-Independent Down-Regulation of Leaf Photosynthesis and Respiration in Response to Shading: Evidence from Six Temperate Tree SpeciesChen, Anping; Lichstein, Jeremy W.; Osnas, Jeanne L. D.; Pacala, Stephen W.
Sep-2017Variations of leaf longevity in tropical moist forests predicted by a trait-driven carbon optimality modelXu, Xiangtao; Medvigy, David; Joseph Wright, Stuart; Kitajima, Kaoru; Wu, Jin; et al
Dec-2017Why are nitrogen-fixing trees rare at higher compared to lower latitudes?Menge, Duncan N.L.; Batterman, Sarah A.; Hedin, Lars O.; Liao, Wenying; Pacala, Stephen W.; et al
Jul-2018Woody plants optimise stomatal behaviour relative to hydraulic riskAnderegg, William R.L.; Wolf, Adam; Arango-Velez, Adriana; Choat, Brendan; Chmura, Daniel J.; et al