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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
12-Sep-2018280 GHz Focal Plane Unit Design and Characterization for the SPIDER-2 Suborbital PolarimeterBergman, AS; Ade, PAR; Akers, S; Amiri, M; Austermann, JA; et al
13-Dec-2020Design and pre-flight performance of SPIDER 280 GHz receiversShaw, EC; Ade, PAR; Akers, S; Amiri, M; Austermann, JE; et al
19-Jul-2016Design of 280 GHz feedhorn-coupled TES arrays for the balloon-borne polarimeter SPIDERHubmayr, J; Austermann, JE; Beall, JA; Becker, DT; Benton, SJ; et al
13-Mar-2020Particle Response of Antenna-Coupled TES Arrays: Results from SPIDER and the LaboratoryOsherson, B; Filippini, JP; Fu, J; Gramillano, RV; Gualtieri, R; et al
11-Oct-2018SPIDER: CMB Polarimetry from the Edge of SpaceGualtieri, R; Filippini, JP; Ade, PAR; Amiri, M; Benton, SJ; et al