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Design and pre-flight performance of SPIDER 280 GHz receivers

Author(s): Shaw, EC; Ade, PAR; Akers, S; Amiri, M; Austermann, JE; et al

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Abstract: In this work we describe upgrades to the Spider balloon-borne telescope in preparation for its second flight, currently planned for December 2021. The Spider instrument is optimized to search for a primordial B-mode polarization signature in the cosmic microwave background at degree angular scales. During its first flight in 2015, Spider mapped ∼ 10% of the sky at 95 and 150 GHz. The payload for the second Antarctic flight will incorporate three new 280 GHz receivers alongside three refurbished 95- and 150 GHz receivers from Spider’s first flight. In this work we discuss the design and characterization of these new receivers, which employ over 1500 feedhorn-coupled transition-edge sensors. We describe pre-flight laboratory measurements of detector properties, and the optical performance of completed receivers. These receivers will map a wide area of the sky at 280 GHz, providing new information on polarized Galactic dust emission that will help to separate it from the cosmological signal.
Publication Date: 13-Dec-2020
Electronic Publication Date: Dec-2020
Citation: Shaw, EC, Ade, PAR, Akers, S, Amiri, M, Austermann, JE, Beall, JA, Becker, DT, Benton, SJ, Bergman, AS, Bock, JJ, Bond, JR, Bryan, SA, Chiang, HC, Contaldi, CR, Domagalski, RS, Doré, O, Duff, SM, Duivenvoorden, AJ, Eriksen, HK, Farhang, M, Filippini, JP, Fissel, LM, Fraisse, AA, Freese, K, Galloway, M, Gambrel, AE, Gandilo, NN, Ganga, K, Grigorian, A, Gualtieri, R, Gudmundsson, JE, Halpern, M, Hartley, J, Hasselfield, M, Hilton, G, Holmes, W, Hristov, VV, Huang, Z, Hubmayr, J, Irwin, KD, Jones, WC, Kahn, A, Kuo, CL, Kermish, ZD, Lennox, A, Leung, JS-Y, Li, S, Mason, PV, Megerian, K, Mocanu, LM, Moncelsi, L, Morford, TA, Nagy, JM, Nie, R, Nolta, M, Netterfield, CB, Osherson, B, Padilla, IL, Rahlin, AS, Redmond, S, Reintsema, C, Runyan, MC, Romualdez, LJ, Ruhl, JE, Shariff, JA, Shiu, C, Soler, JD, Song, X, Trangsrud, A, Thommesen, H, Tucker, C, Tucker, RS, Turner, AD, Ullom, J, van der List, JF, Van Lanen, J, Vissers, MR, Weber, AC, Wen, S, Wehus, IK, Wiebe, DV, Young, EY. (2020). Design and pre-flight performance of SPIDER 280 GHz receivers. Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Conference Series, 11453 (114532F - 114532F. doi:10.1117/12.2562941
DOI: doi:10.1117/12.2562941
Keywords: Spider, cosmic microwave background, polarization, transition-edge sensor, scientific instrumentation, millimeter wave instrumentation, cosmology, scientific ballooning
Type of Material: Conference Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Conference Series
Version: Author's manuscript

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