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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2018Activity of Genes with Functions in Human Williams–Beuren Syndrome Is Impacted by Mobile Element Insertions in the Gray Wolf GenomevonHoldt, Bridgett M.; Ji, Sarah S.; Aardema, Matthew L.; Stahler, Daniel R.; Udell, Monique A.R.; et al
28-Sep-2012Parallel Molecular Evolution in an Herbivore CommunityZhen, Ying; Aardema, Matthew L.; Medina, Edgar M.; Schumer, Molly; Andolfatto, Peter
Aug-2016Phylogenetic incongruence and the evolutionary origins of cardenolide-resistant forms of Na+ ,K+ -ATPase in Danaus butterfliesAardema, Matthew L.; Andolfatto, Peter