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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2012On the Feasibility of Internet-Scale Author IdentificationNarayanan, Arvind; Paskov, Hristo; Gong, Neil Z; Bethencourt, John; Stefanov, Emil, et al
Jan-2015Relax, no need to round: Integrality of clustering formulationsAwasthi, Pranjal; Bandeira, Afonso S; Charikar, Moses; Krishnaswamy, Ravishankar; Villar, Soledad, et al
2014Routes for breaching and protecting genetic privacyErlich, Yaniv; Narayanan, Arvind
10-Sep-2013Revisiting a summer vacation: digital restoration and typesetter forensicsBagley, Steven R; Brailsford, David F; Kernighan, Brian W
2020Deep-inverse correlography: towards real-time high-resolution non-line-of-sight imagingMetzler, CA; Heide, F; Rangarajan, P; Balaji, MM; Viswanath, A, et al
Mar-2012Automatic speculative DOALL for clustersKim, Hanjun; Johnson, Nick P; Lee, Jae W; Mahlke, Scott A; August, David I
2016Modular Verification for Computer SecurityAppel, Andrew W
2011Matching Vector CodesDvir, Zeev; Gopalan, Parikshit; Yekhanin, Sergey
2021Facebook's Tectonic Filesystem: Efficiency from ExascalePan, Satadru; Stavrinos, Theano; Zhang, Yunqiao; Sikaria, Atul; Zakharov, Pavel, et al
2012Performance Isolation and Fairness for Multi-Tenant Cloud StorageShue, David; Freedman, Michael J; Shaikh, Anees