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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2014Facial Expressions and the Evolution of the Speech RhythmGhazanfar, Asif A.; Takahashi, Daniel Y.
2-May-2012Facial Muscle Coordination in Monkeys during Rhythmic Facial Expressions and Ingestive MovementsShepherd, Stephen V.; Lanzilotto, Marco; Ghazanfar, Asif A.
Jul-2012Monkey Lip-smacking Develops Like the Human Speech RhythmMorrill, Ryan J.; Paukner, Annika; Ferrari, Pier F.; Ghazanfar, Asif A.
Feb-2012Brain-to-Brain coupling: A mechanism for creating and sharing a social worldHasson, Uri; Ghazanfar, Asif A.; Galantucci, Bruno; Garrod, Simon; Keysers, Christian
Oct-2014The neurobiology of primate vocal communicationGhazanfar, Asif A.; Eliades, Steven J.
Jul-2017Response to Lieberman on “Monkey vocal tracts are speech-ready”Fitch, W. Tecumseh; de Boer, Bart; Mathur, Neil; Ghazanfar, Asif A.
Aug-2014Probabilistic 21st and 22nd century sea-level projections at a global network of tide-gauge sitesKopp, Robert E.; Horton, Radley M.; Little, Christopher M.; Mitrovica, Jerry X.; Oppenheimer, Michael, et al
Nov-2012The branching fraction of τ − → π −K0 SK0 S (π 0 )ντ decaysLees, JP; Poireau, V; Tisserand, V; Garra Tico, J; Grauges, E, et al
Jun-2012Investigation of land ice-ocean interaction with a fully coupled ice-ocean model: 1. Model description and behaviorGoldberg, D.N.; Little, C.M.; Sergienko, Olga V.; Gnanadesikan, A.; Hallberg, Robert W., et al
1-May-2014The effectiveness of cool and green roofs as urban heat island mitigation strategiesLi, Dan; Bou-Zeid, Elie R.; Oppenheimer, Michael