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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2016Doing our best for hedonistic utilitarianism: Reply to criticsSinger, P; De Lazari-Radek, K
2019An ethical pathway for gene editing.Savulescu, Julian; Singer, Peter
Oct-2012The objectivity of ethics and the unity of practical reasonde Lazari-Radek, K; Singer, P
1980Utilitarianism and vegetarianismSinger, P
Dec-2018The challenge of brain death for the sanctity of life ethicSinger, P
Mar-2012The globalization of animal welfare: More food does not require more sufferingPark, M; Singer, P
2016The most good you can do: a response to the commentariesSinger, P
May-2018Cascading biases against poorer countriesKartha, S; Athanasiou, T; Caney, S; Cripps, E; Dooley, K, et al
1-Jan-2013How much more demanding is utilitarianism than common sense morality?De Lazari-Radek, K; Singer, P
1-Jun-2019Brain death: A response to the commentariesSinger, Peter