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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
12-Sep-2017Secure and Energy-Efficient Beamforming for Simultaneous Information and Energy TransferNasir, Ali Arshad; Tuan, Hoang Duong; Duong, Trung Q; Poor, H Vincent
31-Aug-2017Joint Fractional Time Allocation and Beamforming for Downlink Multiuser MISO SystemsNguyen, Van-Dinh; Tuan, Hoang Duong; Duong, Trung Q; Shin, Oh-Soon; Poor, H Vincent
-A View of Information-Estimation Relations in Gaussian NetworksDytso, Alex; Bustin, Ronit; Poor, H; Shamai (Shitz), Shlomo
2-Mar-2017Mobile Data Trading: Behavioral Economics Analysis and Algorithm DesignYu, Junlin; Cheung, Man Hon; Huang, Jianwei; Poor, H Vincent
16-Jun-2017Resilience of Energy Infrastructure and Services: Modeling, Data Analytics, and MetricsJi, Chuanyi; Wei, Yun; Poor, H Vincent
Apr-2016The Likelihood Encoder for Lossy CompressionSong, Eva C; Cuff, Paul; Poor, Harold V
19-Jun-2017Sequential joint signal detection and signal-to-noise ratio estimationFauss, M; Nagananda, KG; Zoubir, AM; Poor, HV
3-May-2017NOMA Meets Finite Resolution Analog Beamforming in Massive MIMO and Millimeter-Wave NetworksDing, Zhiguo; Dai, Linglong; Schober, Robert; Vincent Poor, H
24-Apr-2017On the Spectral Efficiency and Security Enhancements of NOMA Assisted Multicast-Unicast StreamingDing, Zhiguo; Zhao, Zhongyuan; Peng, Mugen; Poor, H Vincent
30-Mar-2017On communications through a Gaussian noise channel with an MMSE disturbance constraintDytso, Alex; Bustin, Ronit; Tuninetti, Daniela; Devroye, Natasha; Poor, H Vincent, et al